How to choose input metal doors.

The apartment and the house begins from the front door. But not only the owners can get through it inside, but also those whom they would like to see the least. To turn your house into a fortress, you need to start with it, so we consider in more detail how to choose the right front door for your apartment.

Of course, it is foolish to lay all responsibility for the inviolability of the home on the front door. If desired, thieves can penetrate in a different way, therefore, security can only be ensured by comprehensive methods. As for the front door, it should have increased protection against hacking. This is necessary so that the offender manages to do a lot of noise.

The method of manufacturing the front door directly affects the cost of the final product. The simplest design consists of a tubular-angle frame sheathed with steel sheets on both sides. Stiffness ribs in it are not provided at all or the number of them is minimized. The strength of such a door leaves much to be desired and cases of overwhelming or sagging here are not uncommon. More such a door will have to be insulated, t. to. Two sheets of iron cooked on one frame. They are unlikely to be able to provide decent thermal insulation especially during the cold winter.

But such products can be created only by shrubs of loners. Solid companies will not go to such outright “hack. They use gygochnic-profile technology, which allows you to create a hard product of increased strength. Such doors are mandatory reinforced inside stiffeners. You will have to pay more for this product, but it’s worth it. In addition, expensive doors are equipped not only with a lock, but also with additional elements that increase the resistance to hacking.

The thickness of the external sheathing is a fundamental indicator of the choice of a steel door. Cheap Chinese doors with thin skin, if desired, can be pierced with a sharp knife. In Europe, a steel sheet is used up to 1.5 mm thick, in our country – up to 2.5 mm.

The role of sound – and thermal insulation is most often played by mineral wool or polystyrene foam. Sometimes foam polyurethane can be pumped into the finished door. As polymerization, the foam fills all the inner empty space and tightly steps with the skin. This guarantees that the insulation will not go over time.

The standard set of locks for the entrance door consists of a leaf and cylinder mechanism. The door is locked to the first lock when they leave the house for a long time. If the owners are at home or “jumped out” for a minute or two, then the door is locked on a cylinder lock. The mandatory minimum also includes the following elements: anti -converting pins that block the doors even when the loops are cut off; Plates and armored vehicles from a special alloy to protect locks.

Before ordering the door, you need to carefully study the contract. If the company does not provide it, then problems may arise in the future. Try not to buy doors in a construction supermarket, and hire installers by ad in a newspaper. It is best to work with one company, otherwise the installers will then nod to sellers, and sellers for installers.

Pay attention to the contract for the “Guarantee obligations”. The warranty should be applied not only to the product (front door), but also to installation work.

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