Advantages and disadvantages of centralized water supply

Centralized water supply is undoubtedly a very convenient option to ensure the need for water for various needs of a country house.

Centralized water supply of a country house

Powering a whole group of consumers – owners of private housing from one source, such a water supply system exempts a homeowner from a number of works and expenses inevitably connected by the arrangement of an autonomous source of water supply for an individual house.

The list of such works and events can include such labor -intensive and expensive work as: drilling wells, the arrangement of the well and ensuring the proper quality of drinking water.

Water supplied centrally has many advantages over water from the source of autonomous water intake. The first plus – water reserves are not limited by the power of the aquifer and the performance of the well or well.

Secondly, even when the electricity is turned off, the water supply will not stop, which, with an autonomous water intake, will lead the pumps to the house inaction, making only a hand water intake possible.

And then, only if the mine well is used. It will not work to raise water from the well with a bucket and you will have to wait for the renewal of the supply of electricity to revitalize ”pumps.

Advantages and disadvantages of centralized water supply

But with all the undeniable advantages, water from water supply networks is also inherent in disadvantages that should be voiced. Even when using the best water pipes from modern materials, which made a wiring of a water cutting point in an individual house from rust in water not to get rid of. Rust is present in the water supply pipes of centralized water supply and this will have to put up.

The second unpleasant moment is water chlorination. Chlorine is the main method of disinfection and disinfection of water to the water intake station, which means that its presence in the supplied water is inevitable and the only way out of the situation can only be additional local filtration.

Another negative moment in the use of centrally supplied water can be the accident on the main water supply. At such moments, you will desperately envy the owners of your own wells and wells.

Payment of water supplier services

And the last moment clouding the joy of homeowners is the issue of payment for water supply services. The calculation is made according to the indications of water meters of showing the volume of water consumed and is made every month. But the company that supplies water to your house as a monopolist can dictate your conditions for you, raising tariffs. And this process is inevitable.

The owner of the autonomous water supply system of a private house has high expenses only at a time for drilling a well or a device of a different type of well. Further monetary investments are insignificant and aimed more at their extent at operating costs and preventive operation of the operation of equipment. So it is unambiguous to recognize the advantages of one method of water supply of a country house in front of another.

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