Benefits of a log home

It is not a secret for each of us that in the wooden house we live in, the harmony of comfort and coziness should prevail for you and your loved ones. Our log house is our face, looking at the house you can tell a lot about its owner, and do not think that your house will be an exception. Wherever we are, we always return to our home, and each of us probably wanted coziness and comfort to breathe from his house.

The goal of our company is to make your hearth convenient and comfortable, where you could proudly bring your friends and acquaintances. As a rule, the interior of a wooden house, namely, the houses from the beam are built in a monotonous design style, but exceptions are also possible, it is possible to perform each room in a certain style, the method of using natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, ceramics, ivory, rattan, natural stone, which will give the hearth uniqueness. These materials allows our body to relax after exhausting work. And the most important thing is not boring after many years and will delight you, coming home from work.

Over the past twelve years, the construction of private buildings has grown in our country like country houses, summer cottages and cozy arbors for business or just conversations in the family circle. After all, no matter how huge our apartment in the city is, you will not put a pool or sauna, or a room, equipped with simulators and accessories for fitness for entertainment. Today, more and more houses are made of profiled timber. This is explained by the fact that not a single modern material can be compared with natural material, like wood.

Since the tree has come to us since ancient times, as a building material, and it is a source of health. All doctors unanimously agree that the tree has a beneficial effect on the human body, it is especially useful to live in such a house for people suffering from allergies, asthma and hypertension. Since wooden houses breathe and are able to maintain the best microclimate in themselves, therefore, in such houses it is warm in winter and cool in summer.

The privileges of a built log house include such aspects as:

The walls of the house, baths, or gazebos made of such material are perfectly even. Having such walls, you do not need to additionally finish them outside and inside. The walls of such a house look beautiful and attractive with their appearance.

The almost complete absence of finances for decoration of the walls of the house, which very reduces its cost.

The profile of the timber was calculated so that the rain in the summer and autumn season, as well as melted snow in the spring, did not fall into the connection between the bars, which does not lead to the decay of the structure, and this itself leads to its durability.

Thanks to the dense connection of the profiled beam in crown, called the castle connection, good protection against blowing and thermal insulation is provided.

Do not need a hemp, after shrinkage at home.

There are no cross -cutting cracks on the surface of the beam in comparison with the looped log, and there is no deformation, as is the case with the usual timber.

High strength, with a relatively small weight of the structure.

Heating costs are much less, in comparison with the house built of brick or block, which significantly pays for many costs in the construction of such a house. For example, wooden walls of 200 mm are equal to the walls of brick in 1100 mm.

Sincerely, construction company «Three builders»

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