Buying an apartment in a new building

If you decide to invest in buying an apartment in a new building, you should know some factors that will help you not to make the mistake of buying an apartment in some kind of long-term construction.

According to experts, long-term construction is usually not the work of scammers, since often even reliable and promising companies can sell apartments in new buildings, the construction of which will last for many more years.

It is known that it is absolutely unprofitable for construction companies to delay the construction of a house, especially in view of the fact that the construction site is located on a special site, the maintenance of which requires considerable costs for the construction company. Of the most common reasons for the delay in construction, there is an error in the design of external networks. Sometimes, the construction of houses is delayed for very long gaps due to not properly designed external systems, such as water supply and electricity. Also, the reason that can lead to the appearance of long-term construction may be the financial problems of the builder. That is why experts advise buying an apartment from trusted companies offering new apartments in the new buildings of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

There are several rules, observing which you can protect yourself from buying housing in long -term construction. You must analyze this information:

one. Experience of the general contractor at the construction site.

2. The availability of documents allowing the construction of this facility.

3. Methods of financing the builder.

four. Possibility of assistance from other developer companies if necessary.

In addition, experts recommend checking information on the Internet, where you can easily find reviews about a particular company on special forums or sites.

Also, they recommend requesting a package of documents for the land plot on which the new building is located from the builder’s company, which will allow you to find out information about the rental terms. It is advised to check the documents in the presence of a lawyer who can give you a clear comment regarding the risk of investing in this project.

You should pay attention to those with whom you will conclude an agreement, and to whom you will give money. If the customer is a legal entity that is created specifically for this new building, the builder is obliged to convince you that the object will not go bankrupt and will not turn into a long-building.

For example, real estate agencies such as Itaka, operating in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, have a large base of apartments, both in houses under construction and in newly commissioned buildings. Also consultants and realtors of Ithaca agency can provide you with all project documentation for the selected object, both residential and commercial real estate. This company, which has been operating in the real estate market since 1993, considers it No. 1 in St. Petersburg, so the agency staff will not only be able to help you in choosing the property you are interested in, but also arrange a mortgage, installment plan, and also guarantee full legal security. And another pleasant moment in working with the Ithaka agency is the availability of promotions and bonuses.

If you want to buy an apartment in a new building, contact exactly such agencies so that the buying process is easy, pleasant and effective.

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