Certain moments of housing hiring

Nowadays, a rare family is able to purchase a home immediately after the completion of marriage. Living together with parents is not always nice. It remains only to rent an apartment for a period. Today, of course, you can apply for support to a special company, but you will have to pay for the work of the apartment realtor. The desire to save a family budget leads the alleged tenants to the search for apartments without intermediaries.

In different ways you will find the living space in hiring

Ask my relatives, colleagues, acquaintances. If it is already found that among their friends or relatives, someone expects to rent a personal apartment, then you can maintain time, calm and your money.

It is necessary to look for announcements about renting apartments on the Internet or print media. Expand the first newspaper met, and there you will see a lot of titles of advertisements about renting apartments: “I will rent an apartment for a long time”, “rent an apartment from the owner” and the like. All this will spend a lot of your time and patience. Take into account: rarely when the owners submit reliable information in the ads for the issuance of a dwelling in hiring. To chagrin, it also falls out that the “owners” who gave the announcement are really turned out to be crooks.

Independently place the advertisements “rent an apartment inexpensively” in such microdistricts where they decided to rent an apartment. It is better to put advertisements on hiring on the boards of ads: near the apartment or at the entrances. Or in print publications in sections: “Rent 2 room apartment”, “Real estate rental apartment”. Take into account: to exclude the possibility of variety of phone numbers for calls, so that the announcement is more noticeable and easily read, it is much more reliable to propagate it, and not to dine by hand.

When performing housing independently, it will be necessary to personally find out how many people are registered on such an area. You will be able to find out the number of registered persons on the found housing for the payment of utilities, if the owners are in no hurry to show a suitable special certificate from the registration table.

Housing through the agency

Today you can go for professional help to intermediaries. This will require additional spending, but will save your time.

Firms will control the legal cleanliness of the rented apartment and title documents of the owners. If you are already striving to rent a separate room, the representative will undoubtedly help to choose neighbors around the room. In order to take advantage of the realtor services, you need to make a call to the company’s real estate company or leave a request on the portal. In the order, you should specify the place where you want to rent an apartment, the area and the availability of living rooms, the condition of the living space, and more.

Find out in the agency: will there be a meeting with the owner of the housing. Of course leave a contact mobile phone. The representative will find the proposals of residential premises based on the conditions you announced, and gain your number.

Come to the UNITI Real Estate Agency, gigantic practical experience in the field of apartment rental has been accumulated there.

All solid companies value their reputation and customers.

Housing survey routine

When examining the living space, pay attention at the beginning for the serviceability of plumbing, the functionality of electric sockets and home equipment, the general condition of the pipes.

In the event that you yourself selected the living space, you first need to come to the owner and examine the proper certificates for the apartment.

The home responds to your claims – sign the contract. If everything is fine in the rented apartment, but, for example, there is a hole in the toilet cistern – write this in the contract. For the greatest insurance, make a register of property (available in the house of furniture and appliances), outline the real condition of the apartment. Attach the list to the acceptance and transfer document of the home, and write down all the above in it. If suddenly there is a petty malfunction, similarly make a note on this in the document.

It is possible that the provision of. Give the money only for painting.

Inspection of the dwelling with the intermediary will end more. In the event that the home satisfies you, and there are funds, you can conclude a contract at once, pay off the owner for housing hiring and entering the living space.

Settlement to the apartment

Try the correspondence of the keys to you from the living space. In the event that it was not possible to open the door immediately, call the homeowner. Entering the dwelling, ask the owner to make an acquaintance again. Write down the phone numbers and address information of the district utility service, the nearest department of the internal affairs bodies, a medical institution and an outpatient clinic. Take an interest in the location of nearby megamarkets, pharmacies and stores.

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