Choosing the best tractor for a small farm

Even if the farm is small, the tractor is still required for it, and renting it in such cases is not always economically profitable due to the frequency of use. Small agricultural work can usually be carried out using compact tractors, but a number of farms somehow need full -sized agricultural machines. What to choose for you?

How to choose a tractor for a farm?

Tractors are used for different purposes (they are sign symbols of agriculture), and the first thing is to determine the workplace on their farm, where these machines can be used with benefit. The second stage of choice: studying tractors and communication with people who have experience with such equipment.

Start searching for a tractor in catalogs of technology of local firms. If you have a small farm and you want to save on equipment, it is worth studying Russian and Belarusian tractors (an example of a catalog with tractors from manufacturers from these countries can be viewed at the site). Reasons for contacting Belarusian and Russian tractors several. Firstly, these are prices, and secondly, regardless of how well you take care of your equipment, you need to periodically order the professional service of the tractor and spare parts, therefore it is much easier to work with local organizations (giving warranty and post-warranty services) and brands that are cheaper to serve and repair.

Determine the tasks that your tractor will perform. This will help you (or the sales consultant to whom you will contact for help) to reduce the search circle.

Agricultural tractors are usually used for: plowing, moving hay bales, moving feeds, mowing grass, haying, sowing, caring for crops, harvesting, etc. D.

Should I buy a used tractor?

If you find a profitable deal and buy a good boor before buying.

Does the tractor brand have a value?

If you ask a specialist in any country about the tractor brand, then most of them will offer you to choose local companies or brands with proven local representative offices or distributors. We described the reasons in detail above: it is easier to order parts, conduct maintenance, contact with support centers, etc. D.

Dimensions and horsepower?

The choice of the size of the tractor depends on the alleged agricultural work. The size is selected on the basis of how easily the tractor should maneuver around the buildings, corns and pass through the gate in the pasture.

Most small farms need a tractor with 30-60 horsepower. This is the most popular choice. Tractors from 75 horsepower are usually used for plowing large fields, planting, harvesting and snow.

Transmission parameters

Hydrostatic transmission is a newer option. This transmission is very similar to automatic. The option is good if you do many field work. Compare this type of transmission with a classic mechanical gearbox, the advantage of which is a lower gear useful for certain types of work, including related. Hydrostatic transmission is convenient, but the cost of repairs will be higher if it will be needed.


Agricultural tractors can be equipped with various tools to perform numerous work on the farm. Some accessories are attached to the standard bucket, but the tools do the best work (more productive) when they are attached directly to the tractor.

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