Choosing the color of the tile for home

For many years, monocolor tiles have been especially popular and in demand. With it, you can perform a spectacular finish of almost any room, as well as realize even the most complex and creative design idea. Such tiles allows you to create a luxurious modern interior and comfortable conditions in your apartment.

How to choose the right shade of home tiles? This question is asked by all those who laid the foundation for the repair in the bathroom.

The creative approach is especially important in this matter, thanks to which you can perform a room in the original style. Today, the assortment of ceramic tiles is very diverse, for example, on the site a huge selection of ceramic tiles . Designers are ready to satisfy any wishes of the buyer, so every time new creations appear every time. Such a wide selection of texture, shades, forms of tile allows everyone to find, something suitable. Let us consider in detail possible color solutions of ceramic tiles.

one. Blue. It is recommended to choose such a shade for decoration of the bathroom to those who prefer a classic style and a conservative design option. Blue color is considered a symbol of water, so it can have a calming property. It allows you to relax well after a busy day. Its palette consists of such shades: from pastel light blue to a rich dark blue. Another type of tile in the blue collection is a purely white color. Patterns and ornaments on the product can also be diverse – from a pure monocolor to the image of a sea wave with its zybu. Among the inexpensive options, ceramic tiles should be distinguished, which imitates the mosaic.

2. Green color. This shade symbolizes nature, paints of life, peace. In the collection of tiles in green range, you can often find plant ornaments. It also contains tiles with a surface that resembles a fabric. When decorating the room with such material, the walls seemed to be covered with silk. Sometimes, to create a certain stylistics, on one of the walls of the bathroom, a larger format panel is performed. Such a room design will not leave indifferent a single guest.

3. Beige color. It is the most popular tint of ceramic tiles. His collection includes chocolate, light-beige, cream and other similar colors. Various textures (leather, bamboo, wood, stone, etc. D.) allow you to display a natural surface on the wall, which does not differ from real materials.

four. Red color. Such a shade personifies love and passion. Its color scheme is very diverse. It goes well with light beige, white and gray colors. Red shade indicates the determination and extravagance of the owners who love to experiment. However, many scientists believe that this color can cause aggression. That is why it is not recommended to use it when decorating rooms, and especially the bathroom.

5. Black and white. The combination of these shades is one of the traditional options for designing a bathroom. This contrasting combination is often used in the style of pop art. The ornament in this collection is its diversity, because it can be both geometric shapes and floral patterns.

Today these are the main produced color collections of ceramic tiles. The choice, of course, remains with you.

The main thing is that the result pleases the owner. In no case do not make a choice for you to the master. After all, he will make a decision in favor of the most not laborious work.

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