Communal. Settling!

Communal apartments still exist, and for many, living with several neighbors becomes a real torture of endless quarrels and disputes. One way to deal with this is resettlement. This is a very complex type of real estate transactions, but those who cannot take a mortgage and solve the housing issue with the help of loans from the bank resort to it.

There are several ways to resettle. You can sell an apartment and buy several living space or exchange for several apartments of a smaller meter. You can also conclude a deal with a real estate agency that will buy a communal apartment and help find a suitable replacement. In different cases, typical planning of apartments in old houses can have several rooms with significantly different sizes, while one woman can live in a large room, and a whole family in a small room. In this case, the family owns only a very small area (and as a result of a share) and a lawyer should help find the most ideal option (possibly with a surcharge), in which there would be an opportunity to get out of the situation on the most favorable conditions. The fact is that after the sale of such a communal apartment, the owners can receive not quite fair amounts and alternative replacements. And, of course, you can’t unconditionally trust the real estate agent – be sure to check everything that he offers you – personally watch the apartment, find out all the disadvantages, talk with your neighbors, read the agreement from the first word to the last. Consult a third -party lawyer.

Owners most often resort to the first method – the exchange of housing. At the same time, the owners often present high price requirements, since they can not always adequately assess the cost of the apartment. However, over time, they reduce the price and make concessions to the buyer. It is important to remember that the apartments in the center, next to the metro and stops of ground transport are more expensive. This proximity to transport hubs allows you to sell housing at an affordable price.

The second case is more complicated, because it is quite difficult to find a person who owns several small apartments and agrees to exchange them for one large. However, if people need to cruise, then this option is the most suitable. In some cases, the exchange requires surcharge.

The fastest way to resettle a communal apartment is a deal with a real estate agency. For apartments in the city center, which are also considered highly liquid objects, this option is the most realistic. This allows you to find suitable options in a short time for all residents of a resettlement communal apartment, after which a deal is drawn up, tenants move to their own apartments, and the agency subsequently sells a repaired former communal apartment. In this case, also check the real estate company for responsibility.

If you have problems with money, do not hesitate to move to other regions and regions. By the way, you can live outside the city both cheap and expensive – depending on the place. In general, if the profitable work or career prospects do not keep you in the capital, then you can easily buy an apartment in any other city at a better price than in Moscow.

It is quite realistic to resettle the communal apartment, you only need competent planning and actions.

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