Curtain design for the kitchen: advice of specialists and photo gallery

Curtains in the kitchen area should not only protect you from prying eyes and bright light, but also perform the atmosphere of comfort. How to choose the perfect design of curtains for the kitchen? How to choose a style and color? What important points must be taken into account in the textile decor? In this note, you will find the recommendations of the designer and ready -made solutions for the design of the window in the kitchen area

Actual orientations do not limit our imagination in any way. But still in the kitchen area, practicality of the curtains is more important than its decorative component. For example, the necessary length will depend on the location of the furniture:

If the approach to the window is free, you can select? stand on the floor.

If, for example, at the window there is a table or other furniture or window sill is used practically, then shorter curtains are better.

In the room with a small area, the main thing? Any the largest illumination, visually not fire? Anchy simple? Anism. In the kitchen, about? Urdated with a gas panel, you need to look and then so that the curtains do not get on the flame

Kitchen curtains. colors and fabrics

Very often, kitchen curtains are sewn from p? Crazy Natu? tissues with small p? evaluated soda? synthetics. The most basic t? fabric – resistance to wear. Again, the main thing is that kitchen curtains are very easy? they did not benefit? Ali under the influence of sun rays.

Stylists? Plain fabrics will be recommended for the design of curtains for the kitchen. If you are still knocked out? Auta fabric s? Isincom – p? Reading must be given to? elastic motives. Absolutely always in fashion strips and cage. Flowers, f? UKTA, inlet? dishes – similar plots will be quite suitable. Small? Extract on the curtain will look? to be untidy, to call? Azd? Aggrast. It all depends on the image in which? OM OFO? Millen kitchen, what? Y are the Criminal Code? ashen embroidery or accessories? Ami

Color? Yal is obliged? with wall decoration and furniture. It is better to use fabrics of soft warm,?Addressing eyes. Color? s, consistent with furniture or? the walls of the walls? Monium on inte? bere. I? which colors, what kind of content? Ash are with other n? Clubs, introduced in integration? ies? Note of Zado? but also freshness

So that you can g? Among the same? At the point? s for the kitchen, photogal? its site p? Pauls the most p? Actic and fashionable wa? design Iansa kitchen windows

Kitchen curtains: styles

Rolled what? s. Enough p? Active look, which is? oscillatory option between p? Ivrekal STRs? Blinds and Ami. Such? s are again capable of p? Call both in combination with fabric curtains, and already on their own. They are perfectly ZA? they are the window p? oom, but not n? Evil the installation of furniture in the NECOS? picnic proximity to the window. Plus the length of their? Eguli? Sucks, giving the opportunity to change? Masive of illumination.

Roman pities? s. Another alta? Nativa Lylyuzi and T? Admitting fabric curtains. In the kitchen area, this is again quite practical wa? Iant, perfectly fits into integers? ies? . In every OFO? Mural they look? they are quite exquisite, perfectly combined with half? Lake? Achoma GA? dynamics or with stronger in? Thie? Ami. P? And that? Imsky? s can be easily deco? and?tesema, bang? oma, brushes or festons, which makes it possible to acquire enough about? Iginal design.

Japanese? s. To the kitchen, OFO? can in an ethnic way or in a minimalist spirit, Japanese curtains are perfect. Shi? on and the height of the panels, the fabric for the curtain is selected everything depends on the characteristics and the unified design of the room.

St? s in Luva? Sach. Such? s enough p? Care in care and comfortable in work. P? And that? Ovnian ve? Tikal waves of folds make it possible to completely demonstrate? and?owe to? Assot of fabric from which? Oh, they are made. Additional deco? the installation of plastic or iron rings operates (Luva? SY), grateful? I am? s? And very easy? is in KO? Angle cornice.

F? Antsuz chto? s. These are? s have a WTO? OE Name – scatter. The fabric is divided into parts (scate), which? n? API? Sweat in K? Upzniks. Tender, beautiful, p? Enjoying the kitchen is enough p? Azdnika appearance, they have? Any length and OFO? Men, but absolutely always look? they get enough beautifully and perfectly? nod to? Assot of furniture and p? Enrounced the details of inte? ies? a. Part of the curtains located below can be? Aswish with beads, ribbons and bang? Oh, my. P? a thought of a choice??Aszvetki will perfectly enter French curtains in similar styles, like Kant? And, p? Ovans, ba? OKKO as well as in the kitchen of the image of fashion? n.

Aust? Iysky? s. Aust? Iysky? s constantly add p? Azdnika real? Fool in kitchen design. AT? ASP? it is good that? One? The yard “Aust? Iysky “canvas resembles? Imsky? s. And when you raise? At the p? And the help of deco? shon? OV, throughout its length on? luxurious effective folds are affected.

To? Insy -stroke? s to the kitchen, p? ocked in the photogal? her, will be able to help you fulfill pretty bold fantasies. If you are p? Read the unique and about? Iginal? Enjections – it makes sense to order? Az? Substance of the design STO? s for your kitchen at the master. In this option, you will have elite kitchen cups? s, which? will be from? Astal your brown? Fool and mi? Oshching. In the photogal? her site is a lot about? Aztsov: Ready curtains in ka? Tinka, in sketches, in a photo? Afias! FROM? one? fragmentation about? Aztsov textile design for the kitchen in the Gallery of Photos you,? nyaka, find something to your own taste!

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