Dachry houses for every taste

Choose a construction company for building a country house is not easy. How to find a good company that will not deceive the client and build a country house qualitatively. Our article will answer these sore questions.

Summer cottages for every taste, I want to add: and a wallet. Indeed, a country house can be a small cozy country house, and it can become a huge suburban residence. However, we will not about global, but consider the most affordable options for summer construction.

Of course, who would not want to get a turnkey house? In this case, you just need to place an order in the construction company and get a cozy country house at your disposal. Expensive? Yeah, not cheap, of course. Although even in this case there are options. So, you can directly report in the construction company what amount you have. In this case, after the calculations, you will be informed which house and what size can you get for this amount. As you can see, it is very convenient. Thanks to computer technology, you can immediately look at the option offered to you in a three -dimensional dimension, and decide whether it is suitable for you or not. There is one nuance here: when giving such construction, contact construction companies that give a guarantee for their products, at least two years. During this period, the tree will fully manifest itself. And if miscalculations are allowed in construction, then during this time they will become obvious.

The construction of Finnish wooden houses is very popular today. This option will allow you to receive a wonderful country house at your disposal, for an affordable price. It is worth saying that Finnish wooden construction is recognized around the world as one of the best. Construction is carried out from absolutely dry material, all the details of the house are perfectly fitted, which guarantees excellent tightness even without a hint of gaps. Such houses are delivered to the construction site in full configuration and gathered very quickly. Thanks to excellent processing, you do not need to conduct interior decoration of the house, everything is already ready.

You can build a country house made of dry profiled timber. This type of construction is also speed. For the construction of such a country house, the strip type of foundation is suitable. Due to the fact that the beam is dry, the time to shrink the log house is not required. With appropriate preparation, you can build a country house within a week. This, of course, is provided that professionals will build.

All of the above construction methods are very convenient and are carried out as soon as possible, but you can’t call them economical. The most economical will be the construction of a chopped or ocilled log.

By the way, recently, more and more often preference is given to the chopped log. Such country houses are really good. It is believed that the house made of chopped logs is the most durable, due to the safety of the upper solid layer during wood processing. We must immediately say that the construction of a country house in this case will drag on for about a year. It will take at least 6 months to shrink the log house, because in this case the forest is wet. However, having clearly planned all the stages of construction and starting it, say in the fall with the filling of the foundation, next summer you will already celebrate a housewarming line. As you can see, there are really many options for building country houses, it remains only to choose for your taste and wallet.

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