Decorative plaster

Decorative plaster – is a coating for walls relatively rarely used in modern apartments. Nevertheless, decorative plaster is a great option to make an apartment unusual and attractive. Most often, plaster is used for halls, bathrooms, bathrooms, also decorative plaster can also be used in living rooms. There are few types of decorative plaster.

Pros of decorative plaster:

– Pleasant appearance as well as relevance. Indeed, in comparison with other materials, plaster costs much more, in this regard, the preference of such a finish in the apartment immediately reports a high state and also about the well -being of the owners.

– Simplicity of care. This type of finish can be wiped with a rag moistened in water, the plaster is strong, resistant to violations.

Cons of decorative plaster:

– Code value.

– The need to take a serious way to approach the issue of choosing contractors. To date, an insufficient number of companies offers services to create decorative plaster, and this work can be done even less.

Also, the modern type of coating for interior decoration can be carpet. With it, it is possible to cover the floor in the room, it also usually has a finished ornament.


Positive sides of the carpet:

– This coating looks very attractive and "expensive". Also, this option is traditional in our country: our ancestors also tried to close more unoccupied places on the walls and floor with carpets, this was considered a symbol of prosperity. A similar attitude to the presence of carpet coatings in the premises has been preserved and now.

– Preservation of heat. Not everyone can allow themselves "warm floor", Therefore, the insulated coating can be a kind of solomone solution. In addition, the carpet muffles the sound of footsteps.

– Protection from everyday injuries. Carpet reduces the possibility that parents or your played children will lose balance and fall.

– Strength. Carpet is persistent and, oddly enough, the material is quite easy to operate. Modern covers for floors are saturated with a certain composition, which does not allow dirt to seep deep into the center of the fibers – therefore, in the end, it is quite easy to remove all the pollution.

Negative sides of the carpet:

– Need for a certain care. First of all – the need to regularly clean. The coating may be the first "vacuumber" In the apartment, as a result, particles of dust available in the pile will constantly be in the air, but allergic reactions may have allergic reactions in the inhabitants of the house. Therefore, you will have to often "Crack" For the vacuum cleaner.

– The complexity of laying. This operation is not an easy task. It is necessary to make sure that it is evenly stretched everywhere (because wrinkles can occur, seriously spoil the appearance of the room), and it is also well fixed (since a weakly reinforced area can be damaged).

– Carpet with a long pile does not regularly take the blows of fate that manifest in the form of legs of furniture or heels from female shoes – in this case dents may appear, the appearance of the pile will lose its attractiveness.

And yet, the carpet is one of the best options for flooring for the bedroom, that is, where there is a need to maintain an atmosphere of comfort, calm and warmth.

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