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When the desire to build your own house is combined with the ability to build – it’s just fine. Now the question is rested on the price of this venture. What is the price of building a house with your own hands, if you do not take into account the wages of the workers? Believe me, in addition to building materials, you will have to fork out a lot more.

Any construction begins with a project, and if you are not a professional builder, and even more so a designer, we strongly recommend that you contact them. Believe me, projects bought from an unknown company or downloaded from the Internet require expertise and refinement. After all, what is a project – this is a detailed instruction on how to build a house. And how many problems can you avoid and how to simplify the whole idea if it is drawn up professionally, with a description of all the components of the design, materials and their application. The cost of individual design can reach up to $150. per m. sq., and changing an existing layout – $ 10-15. per m. sq.

Construction approval. Permits are far from being collected quickly and often require an additional day to pay duties, fees, taxes, etc. P. state payments. Then you will also need to hand over the house to the utility and supervisory services. money again. The amount of fees depends on the area of ​​construction.

Actually, the price of building a house with your own hands, as you can guess, also depends on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bconstruction. A large amount of building materials must not only be brought, but also stored somewhere. Of course, if you are sure that the supplies will be regular, then you can buy as needed. But this option is not always possible.

Foundation with earthworks – one of the most labor-intensive operations in all construction. Attracting heavy equipment for digging trenches, a large amount of concrete, formwork … All this makes us abandon the construction of reliable, but very heavy stone walls in favor of lighter ones, whether framed, wooden or the same monolithic, but made of lightweight concrete.

The modern market offers more than 20 technologies for the construction of houses, many of which allow you to build houses for permanent residence, almost yourself without assistants. The essence of such technologies in the use of enlarged, block materials, of which the structure is put from children’s cubes – very quickly and simply. An example of such a material is a heat unit, Sibit, warm ceramics or simple aerated concrete. On the other hand, they are at home that require certain skills, but also have very many advantages: glued beam, non -removable formwork, TISE. All these technologies and materials, in addition to simplicity, are quite low and ease of work in work. The most expensive here will be glued beam. Its cost is comparable to a log house of wood.

Engineering Communication. Laying of the water supply and sewage, electrical wiring and communication, heating – all this is a significant article in the estimate. Of course, you can foresee in advance so that all the necessary connections are on the site. However, it often happens that when buying a cheap area and wanting to save, the developer nullifies its full cut off from the outside world: the light has to be pulled, and the water is deeply drilled. Heating is also not a simple choice. Saving on the simplicity of water heating often turns around through the floor, which is completely not comfortable.

Decoration of the building and internal premises, as well as the arrangement of the territory. It is possible to choose from a large number of options and even more materials, however, keep in mind that cheapness usually always comes out as a result.

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