DIY construction construction

At the beginning of the last century, the construction of a house with their own hands was a very familiar business that has been studied since childhood, helping parents in this matter. Now it’s easier to buy a house or rent. But what to do if you do not trust the current employees, besides the fact that these are additional financial costs? There is a way out, you need to cost a house with your own hands.

A man must understand that in a well -known saying, the phrase “build a house” is really considered a mandatory process. So where to start?

The first thing you encounter when you choose the construction of a house with your own hands is the lack of necessary knowledge. In this case, it is worth remembering that experience comes over the years and in the work process. It is worth throwing back your fears, stop afraid to start doing something and discover something new for yourself. Finding a desire, to independently build a house in which your family will live, and then your children/grandchildren, you do not need to be scared and refuse to refuse. First of all, remember how much money you save. You refuse additional expenses on labor, which in our time costs a lot of money. And this is given that no one guarantees you that in the end you will turn out exactly what you asked. Also in the pluses there is that you gain useful experience. Having built a house with your own hands, you are not the same, do any homework, now the repair will last not familiar “eternity”, but will be held with pleasure in the shortest possible time.

It’s great, build a house on your own outside the city, where you can leave your family to rest. And such houses often do not require special criteria. Such premises can be an excellent platform for the first experience in construction. Here, as they say, the main thing is to have where to sleep.

So, having decided to build a house on your own, you need to decide on the main tasks. We recommend that you break the whole process down into logical steps that you will gradually follow. The first thing you should pay attention to is the preparation. It includes the selection of the site where the future building will be located, the execution of the necessary documents and the direct preparation of project documentation.

The second is the estimate. It should be understood that by putting all the responsibility and work on your shoulders, you will not lose money, especially considerable. And in order to structure everything and not spend extra money, you need to calculate what and how much it will cost you.

We also recommend that you find out in advance the prices for the materials you need, and not be speechless, paying at the checkout. One of the good construction stores is the construction store Stroybaza96. By going to his site you can familiarize yourself with a large list of the proposed building materials, as well as find out the prices for polystyrene block and concrete well, other building materials you need.

Regarding the construction work directly, then here you also need to sort everything. First of all, prepare the site for the working process (demolish the previous buildings, drainage robots). It is better to start building a house in the spring, in order to finish it in the fall and not mess with the material in the cold season. The next point will be the laying of the foundation of the future home. Walls and facade are best done in the summer. After you should take the communication to the building (water, electricity and ventilation). The last and important point is improvement. Now that the main works are completed, you can play with the filling of your site. This is just the possibility of fulfilling long -standing dreams of money saved on employees. Make efforts and a pool, bath or beautiful garden may appear in your yard. It all depends on the possibilities and imagination.

You see, in fact, building a house yourself is not as scary as it seems for the first time. Improve, discover new opportunities.

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