To date, in many personal plots, there is a need for filtering as well as the drainage of excess groundwater. I must say that it is for such purposes that drainage is usually used.

Drainage can be several types. Typically, drainage systems are divided into three large groups:

drainage by type of ditch;

drainage by type of ditch with filler;

drainage using special gutters.

Let’s dwell on each of the types of drainage, in more detail.

So, let’s start with drainage like a ditch. I must say that this type of drainage has taken root for a very long time, and it can be safely called the ancestor of the drainage systems. The essence of such drainage is to dig an earthen ditch along which excess fractions of groundwater will be extended. This type has undoubted advantages, but there are much more minuses. Naturally, due to the fact that this type of drainage originated much before the rest, it cannot be universal and practical.

I must say that this method of drainage is the cheapest, and the fastest. And these are undoubted advantages of this type of drainage. The disadvantages can be attributed, a low life, due to the fact that the edges of the ditch may collapse, which will further lead to a complete overlap of the water current.

The next type of drainage is the drainage of the area by type of ditch with filler. I must say that this type of drainage is not much different from its predecessor. The essence of this type is the sighing of the earthen ditch, and the further filling of this ditch in order to increase the operational period of drainage. Typically, such a drainage system is filled with expanded clay or gravel is used. This allows you to save the walls of the ditch more whole and not broken. However, this type of drainage can also be called practical and reliable t. to. All the same, grains of soil grounds, over time, clog the openings between the groove filler, which further leads to poor water current and the complete non -performance of the drainage system.

The third and most popular today is drainage using special gutters. The advantages of this type of drainage are simply undeniable. The first turn I must say that the gutter can be made both from iron and from plastic. Gutter in the second case (plastic) are considered the most reliable. This type of drainage, took root well in our country. The pluses of such a drainage system can be safely attributed: quality, long service life, as well as reliability. The only minus of such a drainage system was the ubiquitous price. As the saying goes <You need to pay for quality>. And in our case, this saying is pure truth.

Summing up the results of this article, I would like to draw the reader’s attention to three main points when choosing a drainage system. Firstly, when choosing a drainage system, it is necessary to strictly determine its type. If you have a large personal plot, then a drainage system using special gutters is the best option. Secondly, it is necessary to determine the type of gutter that you will use in your drainage system. The gutter should be made of high -quality consumables, and do not have visible defects (cracks, holes and. t.e). And finally, the last moment that I would like to emphasize in this article is the right choice of the manufacturer of the drainage system. If you install a drainage system for the first time, then it is best to use the products of well -known companies, as well as the services of specialists of this company.

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