Economics and accessories.

Despite the fact that each manufacturer of economy panels has its own secrets, the nuances of their manufacture and a different assortment, the main advantages of the products remain the same: an acceptable price, the possibility of fast re -equipment, strength and ease of use.

Moreover, the most important characteristic-ease of use-depends on exactly which accessories offers the manufacturer to the economy panels. It happens like this: the client acquired a reliable, aesthetically attractive economy panel, and he picked up accessories unsuccessfully (from ignorance of the subject or for another reason-no matter). As a result, the result can be very unsightly.

Perhaps you will be surprised, but it is the accessories that play the first violin in this case, and this is not the case when it would seem that you can save on a small one. After all, if you follow the path of savings, then even if there are good panels, the organization of trade will simply be impossible. Modular systems work only in that case (and since we are talking about trade, it is important to consider the possibility of converting outlets at any time when necessary) if the corresponding accessories are correctly selected.

What accessories are used with economy panels? First of all, these are metal brackets for equipping all kinds of shelves with adjusting their height relative to each other (if the brackets are high -quality and reliable, then it will be possible to change the location and height of the shelves in a matter of minutes without much difficulty) and a variety of hooks for presenting goods.

The shelves can be made as from plastic – for piece goods (such are often used in shoe departments or departments where small audio, video equipment, communications, etc. are presented.), and from the woody stove. They can look different, choose what to have.

A hanger, which can be suspended on an economy panel to demonstrate clothes, is usually narrower than the panel itself-in this way, the goods are not only displayed in a profitable light, but the free part of the panel can be used for other accessories with other accessories.

When using brackets of inclined type on the panels, you can place more clothes. Such brackets can be of different types: with special slots for shoulders, with other holes or balls fixed on the crossbar, thanks to which the shoulders will not slip off it. Brackets are also produced, which are provided with hooks for clothes initially, which allows you to do without shoulders at all.

But the case is not limited to the above accessories. Specialized accessories are produced. These include, for example, such an interesting accessory as a hat hanger – not only is it convenient for the presentation of hats, it also looks very attractive, unlike the option with the placement of hats, hats, berets, etc. lying on the shelves. Hat hanger creates the volume of the window, allowing headdresses as if soar over the counter.

It is almost impossible to imagine the use of economy panels without Eurobruchks. Piece goods packaged in a special blister, it is most convenient to demonstrate with the help of Euro -Ringe. However, another packaging also has a chance to be exhibited with their help if it has special slots.

Another type of accessory for economy panels that are widely used in modern trade are all kinds of inserts, with which you can significantly ennoble the type of outlet, as well as branded the equipment used.

In general, we can say that today requires owners of stores, supermarkets and even small points of trade in close attention to trading equipment, which allows customers to serve customers more convenient and comfortable for both sides. And in this sense, you just can’t do without special accessories. As they say, small spool – yes dear.

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