Energy saving – each according to the energy metering device.

The “energy -saving” regime plan to introduce the authorities of the Leningrad region, as well as throughout the country. But at the moment, residents are not eager to save in the West, and in turn in every possible way resist the planned installation in their homes of metering devices, which, in turn, are used just to reduce the costs of housing and communal services services. Great fears in the implementation of this project are also caused by the fact that spending hundreds of millions of euros will be required to spend on future “savings”.

If you imagine that when you decrease from home for a long time (vacation), and in order not to spend the means to heating an empty room that you do not use during this period, you just reduce the temperature level to 6-10 degrees. Upon arrival, turn on the heating again, it turns out that at any time the temperature in the house is the one that you need. And this is only one of the advantages of the application of the energy conservation system in the Committee of the CCI of the Russian Federation on Entrepreneurship in the field of housing and communal services. According to the committee, by introducing the energy -saving regime, energy consumption after ten years after at least 40%, citizens will be able to independently set the level of heat in their homes and significantly save on the payment of housing and communal services services.

As said in the PP of the Russian Federation on entrepreneurship in the field of housing and communal services, in order for the energy -saving regime to be installed in the Leningrad Region, it is necessary to first install metering devices both in residential buildings and at industrial enterprises. In strict accordance with a specially compiled program, first of all, up to 01.01.2011., Accounting devices should be installed at objects where the state apparatus bodies are located, objects that are in municipal or state property. A year later, counters should be mounted in all residential buildings. Apartment buildings should also be equipped with general house metering devices of thermal, electric energy and water, as well as individual metering devices. Up to 01.01 2012. Resource supplying companies should equip all objects with accounting devices whose technical devices are directly connected to the networks belonging to these companies.

In the first part, on the way to the energy -saving regime in the Leningrad region, at the moment, everything is not as good as planned. It is scheduled to equip approximately 30-45% of all residential facilities next year. To do this, it is required to install 4.5 thousand metering devices of thermal energy, a thousand metering devices, five thousand meters of cold water, 6000 electricity meters. About 1.2 billion rubles are required for such a volume, of which the region’s budget is ready to allocate 241 million rubles and about 38 million rubles will be allocated from the budgets of municipalities. The remaining finances are planned to be obtained at the expense of private investors, but there are such or not, it directly depends on the activity of the authorities.

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