Entrance door to the office – as a way of self -expression of the company

A person is greeted by clothes, and the office is on the front door. It doesn’t sound very convincing, but you should think. After all, the first impression is always important and creates a certain stereotype – if the front door is unreliable, ugly and cheap looks, then the company’s owners do not care about their image and security. If safety measures are provided by installing expensive alarms, then their efficiency is zero, since the main protective barrier on the path of uninvited guests is a reliable entrance door. And in combination with modern decoration techniques, such a door creates a necessary positive impression of the office that it protects. In addition, installing steel doors to the office allows employees to feel more comfortable in warmth and safety.

Steel, metal, iron door are synonyms that are associated with reliability and strength. In addition to effective protection against hacking, such doors protect from the cold, heat and fire heat. Soundproof functions of metal doors also play an important role. The reliability of the door structure is achieved by combining several requirements: a hard and strong case, a stable frame and strong loops. The door of the door leaf consists of stiffener elements located in the vertical and horizontal position and steel sheets, ground on the inner and outside of the door body. The thickness of such sheets should exceed 2 mm, and the quality of the material cannot be in doubt. The strength of the door frame is determined by the ability to withstand the load of the door leaf, so the installation of this element of the steel door should be paid more attention. Loops in metal doors are usually used with support bearings. This technology allows you to maintain greater weight and at the same time not to create friction, as a result, the door lasts longer and does not require constant lubrication. For the sound and thermal insulation of modern doors, most manufacturers use mineral wool, which is safer and more efficient than other fillers. As for the external and internal upholstery of steel doors, here the choice is so great that it is simply impossible to cover a couple of words. We only note that there are cheaper ways (vinyl science, powder painting), medium (laminate, MDF), and finally, expensive ways of upholstery of valuable wood of wood. The latter method of upholstery is usually combined with decor elements such as glass, forging or stained glass.

Since the offices often convert apartments, there is a tendency to choose more economical, but no less reliable options for the entrance doors. The installation of vestibule doors costs cheaply and at the same time does not exclude the important protective function of such doors. The design of their door leaf is standard, and the cladding is performed by powder painting. Such a coating can withstand moisture, temperature differences, as well as all kinds of damage longer. The only minus is the appearance of the front door. As you know, beauty requires victims, in this case material. In any case, the entrance vestibule is an economical way to protect the office and its inhabitants from illegal invasion. In addition, such a door meets fire safety standards, does not pass cold air and creates noise insulation.

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