Features of stretch ceilings.

To date, stretch ceilings are considered the most promising and modern solution. One of the most significant advantages of such ceilings is the ultimate ease of installation. It must be said that stretch ceilings were invented for a long time – in the sixties of the last century. In the late eighties, stretch ceilings became known in almost all European countries.

No need to explain how much time and effort the repairs of an ordinary ceiling are taking. In addition to the repair process, you have to carry out many more actions, such as the movement of furniture and protect things from spray.

A completely different matter – installation of suspended ceilings. It is quite rightly ranked by the fastest and easiest ways of reconstruction of the ceiling. In order to perform the installation of suspended ceilings, you need a team of two or three people. At the same time, all the furniture, as a rule, remains in their places. After the installation of suspended ceilings is over, no Sora will be.

Stretch ceiling installation is three times faster than a false ceiling installation, and ten times faster than a traditional ceiling repair, which includes sealing gaps and subsequent whitewashing.

Stretch ceilings have a large number of advantages. Caring for these ceilings is minimal. Stretch ceilings not only reliably close the deficiencies of the main ceiling, but also protect against flying around the plaster. The stretch ceiling can withstand a rather large volume of water, therefore it will be effective in the situation if you were flooded with tenants from above, or the roof flows in the house.

The external properties of stretch ceilings are also at a high level. The surface of the stretch ceiling is absolutely smooth. Stretch ceilings do not attract static electricity, and help to maintain heat well due to the air gap. All stretch ceilings are characterized by good fire protection parameters. Stretch ceilings do not burn out and their shade does not change over time. But it may happen that the owner will need to change the color of the ceiling.

In order to change the appearance of the ceiling in the room, it is enough just to change the panel. The frame does not need to be changed.

If additional thermal insulation is required, then the layer of thermal insulation material will be absolutely innocent behind the stretch ceiling.

In addition, the stretch ceiling masks water, gas communications, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

If the prices of stretch ceilings seemed too high, think about the fact that the stretch ceiling will last more than 10 years.

No other type of ceiling will serve for so long without the loss of the exterior and the need for major repairs.

Not only installation of suspended ceilings, but also their dismantling is carried out without much effort. The dismantling of suspended ceilings may be required, for example, if it is necessary to maintain air conditioning or ventilation systems, the details of which are hidden behind the ceiling. Speaking ceiling is light. The stretch ceiling can be cleaned with a soft rag with any detergent.

Repair of stretch ceilings, as a rule, is carried out by masters from the company that performed their installation. Usually, the repair of suspended ceilings includes the replacement of the old panel with a new one, for this reason it is carried out very quickly. Masters setting suspended ceilings argue that with competent installation of suspended ceilings and compliance with the conditions of their service, the first repair of suspended ceilings will be needed no earlier than ten years after their installation.

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