Houses made of glued beams, stairs and garden gazebos.

Scientists around the world develop more and more options for improving the structure of wood. Over the past decades, many new technologies and materials have arisen in the wooden housing market. Houses from glued beams, building housing from clamor beam are actively developing. At the moment, the forest remains one of the cheapest building materials. Plus, a unique feature of the structure of wood allows you to easily realize almost any architectural and artistic images. Houses design ideas are usually determined by national characteristics and traditions, as well as personal preferences of the owners.

But, of course, the great demand for wood materials is explained by the natural natural origin of wood, its environmental purity. In addition, wooden building materials had previously had certain shortcomings that were decided at this time. Firstly, the increased fire hazard of the tree is excluded due to thorough impregnation of wood with antipyretics. Secondly, unprocessed wood under the influence of moisture rot due to the active development of fungi and bacteria. This problem is solved by treating wood with bactericides and fungicides.

As you know, woods made of wood are highly subject to shrinkage, especially in the first year of construction. In this regard, you have to postpone finishing work for a long time. Now this problem is solved by using glued beams in the construction. This material is a boiled into the beam, dried with the artificial method of the board. The shrinkage of such building materials is small (does not exceed 10%), so the terms of construction work are significantly reduced.

The construction of turnkey wooden houses, widely offered by construction companies, is focused on a full complex of external, facade and internal work, landscape arrangement. When erecting large multi -storey country houses, there is a need to choose a staircase. In this embodiment, it is necessary to give preference to a staircase made of wood – it will perfectly fit into the main architectural and design idea of ​​a house from glued beams, decorate and enrich the interior, emphasize the individuality of the hosts.

A staircase made of wood can be painted, varnished, after making firing. There is a certain conditional classification of stairs: marching, curved, screw. The first option is the most simple, convenient and safe, but the screws look more graceful, they are an interior decoration in small houses. Each structure of the staircase is selected individually and differs in width, length, height, lifting corner, passage height. In the manufacture of stairs, preferences are given to beech and oak, which betray the stairs a rich elite look; They also often use simpler, but no less beautiful breeds – larch and pine. In the manufacture of stairs, you can vary with passes, sites, steps, handrails, railing. The color and artistic decoration of the stairs can make it a real decoration of the interior.

Garden arbors – an indispensable element of a country house. Rest in the fresh air in the garden or a front garden in an elegant garden arbor will significantly embellish your life. Always cozy and comfortable garden arbors were considered a place for romantic dates or gatherings of fun companies.

The construction of glued beams is advisable away from road dust, extraneous noise and exhaust gas gas. To do this, choose a cozy picturesque place in the garden, in which your summer house will perfectly fit.

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