How much strength does a pipe bender have?

During the installation of pipelines, very often specialists have to resort to operations such as flexion of the pipe in a certain direction. This is necessary in order to achieve compliance with the developed projects and save space. Bending a pipe, depending on the material from which it is made, can be simple (in the case of plastic pipes), and rather time-consuming process (if the pipe is made of various metal alloys). To facilitate work, a specialized type of plumbing equipment should be used – pipe bender.

The popularity of the hydraulic pipe bender is based primarily on its relatively high power, which is achieved through the operation of a hydraulic pump. It can bend a variety of steel pipes up to three inches in diameter, at an angle of up to 90 degrees. It does not require much physical effort on the part of the worker. To all the advantages, a fairly low price for this tool is added.

Using a pipeline during the installation of pipelines systems entails a lot of advantages. First of all, this is a huge savings in both material and technical means and time periods that are required to lay all the necessary communications. Using a pipe bender in their work, the master has the opportunity not to use various bends, fittings, and welding work.

The hydraulic pipe bender is quite compact in size and light in weight. This makes it suitable for transportation to the area of ​​the pipeline installation site. It also comes with a rugged chassis that can withstand sudden impacts. This property is an advantage when using the tool in construction site conditions.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the design features of the hydraulic pipe bender. First of all, one can note the high performance of this unit, which is achieved due to a significant increase in the efforts to make a hydraulic pump. The operation of the pump is accompanied by an automatic reverse stroke of the piston, which makes its operation uninterrupted and fast. At the same time, the operating personnel do not experience additional physical stress associated with the creation of the required pipe profile.

The hydraulic pipe bender is designed with an oil filter to ensure a long service life and protection against breakdowns. For the same purpose, the piston in the pump is made of a special hardened alloy.

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