How profitable and reliable to buy a roof

I want to buy a roof, and you have a passionate desire to sell it. What are different tasks we have.

I have to spend the money with which I feel sorry to part, and you need to get it as you like. Because if I need to buy a roof, and I will buy it from you, you get rich on me and then you can go on vacation on the azure shore of the Black Sea, where you will swim in warm waves and warm the tired bones on hot sand. Great prospect.

And I will be left without money, but I will fulfill my dream – I will acquire a roof that will warm my house in a fierce winter. I have one desire – to get the best product from you, but at the same time pay as little money as possible. You need to sell.

How difficult it is in the world of hard competition! So many different companies. Sites boil from desire to present their products as best as possible. I just opened the search for the words “buy a roof”, as I immediately hit the company, which informed me that the roofs of tiles are different: ceramic, metal, bitumen, cement-sand, polymer-sand, composite.

Bitumen sheets are made of glassolt or cellulose. They are saturated with bitumen with polymer additives. Thus, their strength, plasticity and resistance to deformation are achieved.

In another company, I was offered to buy a fake roof-not any, but my own production. This circumstance caused me confidence in the company. They do it themselves, which means that it is not dealers, but have their own production and, in addition, carry out roofing work. And this is worth a lot.

But the following words made me just tremble. The company produces hot -rolled sheets. She makes welding, press, cabbage and painting. Multistresses, in a word.

Still, I decided to see and find out what other companies are strong. We can buy a roof only once in a lifetime. And here it is important – do not fly.

Flexible tiles are sold very professionally. It turns out that to buy this roof, you need to know what kind you like. But the color scheme struck me: gray, black, brown, green, red – 335 rubles are sold at 335./sq. m. This is a rather low price. But terracotta, or with a copper tint, or resembling golden sand, dune or blue lagoon, only 420 rubles will succeed./sq. m.

Beautiful names of flowers were invented by the company: brown – the color of ripe chestnut, green – taiga, red – granite. They cost 390 rubles./ sq. m. But keep in mind that the sheets are sold at once three pieces in the package.

There are companies that do not give prices for their goods on the site, but well orient the buyer, which roof is better to buy, give the necessary tips. For example, the mass of ceramic tiles is 40 – 60 kg/sq. m. And in order for the roof not to fail, the rafter system must be made powerful.

The buyer needs to take care not only about the reliability of the roof, but also about its aesthetics. Because the view of the roof largely determines the beauty of the structure itself.

The company provides an opportunity to buy a roof, while it advises not to neglect new materials such as, for example, Ondulin – the type of slate. She also offers flexible tiles of Ikapal, Shinglass, Ruflex, Katupal.

These are quite strong, light and reliable materials. I really liked those sites on which you can see firsthand photos of all roofing products, which facilitates the choice of goods.

We need a roof, but we risk being deceived in our best expectations. Trust is caused by those companies that offer a whole range of services, starting with consultations of professionals, ending with the calculation of the roof. Offer the export of goods, provide an individual approach.

The roof seller needs to want to buy from himself. If, if necessary, he wants to buy a roof in a foreign company or from a neighbor, it means – he lost his task as a seller. It is not easy to buy a roof, it is even more difficult to sell it. And the main thing here is to gain the trust of the buyer, that is, my trust.

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