How to care for plastic windows properly

After making a positive decision to replace windows with metal -plastic structures, you should contact a reliable company. Experienced managers will help you choose the right windows from reliable European and world manufacturers. After that, professional installers will come to you, who will install them quickly and without unnecessary garbage and explain how to properly perform plastic windows care.

And in your apartment or house the brand new PVC windows shining with clean glasses and glossy frames. How to make them remain as attractive for a long time and do not lose useful functions over time?

Carrying through plastic windows can be distinguished by the following points:

• Follow the fittings;

• PVC cleaning – profile;

• checking the seals;

• cleaning drainage holes;

• Window washing;

• Prevention of fogging glasses.

After installing windows, specialists must adjust the accessories and remove the protective film. When conducting repair and other works in the premises, window fittings must be protected from scratches and other possible damage. Once every six months, all the moving parts of the windows should be lubricated with machine oil, technical petroleum jelly or special means for caring for plastic windows. In no case do not use substances that can disrupt the anti -corrosion coating!

PVC profile is cleaned of contaminants using soft detergents or ordinary soap solution. The product is applied to the surface of the frame and keep until it dries, and then wiped with a damp cloth or a napkin. chemically active substances cannot be used that can damage the profile (acetone, nitrolak, solvents or alcohol).Also, in order to avoid the appearance of scratches, the use of abrasive substances is not recommended.

Seals for the long preservation of water -repellent properties are desirable to clean twice a year from accumulated dirt. To do this, use napkins moistened with special means, and then wiped dry. Do not use oil substances and concentrated cleaners for cleaning!

Drainage holes located in the lower part of the window frame should sometimes be examined and cleaned as it is contaminated. To clean the drainage holes, you need to open the sash, remove the protective caps and remove all the garbage.

Glass is regularly wiped to shine, using conventional windows for winding in aerosols. Do not use funds containing abrasive substances for glasses to avoid clouding of glasses and the appearance of scratches.

So that condensation does not appear between the glasses, it is necessary to maintain the temperature in the room at least 20 degrees of heat and humidity not higher than 45%. PVC – profile windows are characterized by increased tightness, which helps to retain the heat indoors. But if the rooms are not ventilated, the temperature and humidity regime of the room and on the surface of the slopes and double-glazed windows may occur, condensation may occur. So that the inner surfaces of the window do not fog, do not block the access of warm air from the batteries to the windows. It is also recommended to actively ventilate the room several times a day, opening the wings for 15-20 minutes. Also, to ensure air circulation, do not hang the windows with a cloth.

To avoid the appearance of condensate between glasses, which greatly reduces the thermal insulation properties of the window, you need to order window systems in a reliable company. Professionals the site work only with proven manufacturers of structures from PVC profiles, which provide a complete guarantee of the quality of products. In addition, windows installation experts will ensure that all work on decoration and insulation is performed efficiently – you will not have problems with further operation! You just have to wipe the windows from dust and forever forget about the need for painting or pasting your new windows!

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