How to choose a wardrobe for door design?

The main visual part of the wardrobe is sliding doors. It is on them that all the attention of the design project is concentrated in relation to the interior of the room. Of course, the panels and inserts of a wardrobe also play an unimportant role, but it is quite simple to determine it, since their choice is based on only two main parameters: material and color.

As soon as you decide what your wardrobe should be made of, and also picked up the desired color of this material, it remains only to choose the design of sliding doors, that is, to determine the front side of your wardrobe. And then the moment comes when a creative approach needs to be combined with a logical choice.

If you think that the functionality for you is the main component when selecting furniture, then you can buy a simple-style wardrobe. If saving is required, then it is possible to find cheap models with doors without decor, for example, you can see inexpensive wardrobes here in standard design. By the way, many acquire completely simple wardrobes in order to subsequently arrange them with their own hands, however, most often professionals or lovers in the field of construction, design or art are engaged in this. Most people prefer to entrust this work for the masters of the furniture factory.

When you choose a wardrobe in the store or use the designer on the manufacturer’s website, you need to pay special attention to the decor of the sliding doors in different models. Ideally, it is best to decide on the design of this wardrobe element in advance, thinking through its combination with the interior of your room and other furniture in the room.

The parameters of the front side of the wardrobe, which should be remembered:

the number of doors, their location, how they will be parted;

doors material (all separately each);

accessories (if required);

backlight (built -in at the top, from the side, below, etc. P.)

design (decor on a separate door or on all, a common picture or partial element, etc. P.)

The most common models of wardrobes have three doors, each of which is opened by moving on rollers to the right or left. Doors material most often corresponds to the material of the main part of the cabinet with a possible option of a built -in mirror. Also, popular material is considered plastic or mattress glass with decor. However, if all these standard models are not suitable for you for one reason or another, you can ask the factory to make furniture according to your project. The wardrobe may not be standard-decorate it with a photo panel with a beautiful image or patterns engraved on the glass. In high-tech style, you can use shiny plastic and tinted glass, vintage themes can be organized with unusual profiles, fittings and a corresponding pattern, in the Empire style, doors can be decorated with luxurious elements. In principle, you can realize almost any imagination.

Turning to the manufacturer with a request to make a wardrobe in personal parameters, you get the opportunity to buy a cabinet that most favorably meets personal interior and functional requirements. If you order wardrobes to order here, then the models will be made in accordance with your own wishes, and therefore will gain individuality. Remember also that creating furniture to order from the manufacturer’s company does not increase the cost of goods due to the fact that you order it personally, and not buy it in the store.

So, if you order a wardrobe, then try to decide as accurately as possible what design will suit you. You have the opportunity to bring an individual product into life, which means that do not make it standard! If you are not a creative person, then look for original ideas on the Internet, combine them together and create something of your own people from other people’s projects. You can even seek inspiration from famous designers and artists.

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