How to make a brand from your construction company

Go to Starbucks anywhere in the world, and you will find hipsters and expensive, but delicious coffee. Go to Disney’s film and you will experience something like magic. You know what to expect from many brands, because their managers conducted excellent branding. But branding does not stop on recognized nets. The creation of construction brands is also possible, and it is not necessary to have several companies throughout the country to use the advantages of good branding.

An excellent brand is a reflection of what your company is or strives to be. A brand is how people perceive your company, and your brand should be based on what your target market wants to see you and what they need from you.

The formation of a high -quality brand is a stubborn process that requires patience and perseverance.

one. Set the budget for branding, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. One of the first investments in branding is the logo and corporate identity, including the development of the site. A homemade logo will probably not be of the same quality as professional design. Even if you order a logo from a good freelancer, you can make the wrong choice. In general, you can make the wrong choice, even if you order a logo from a professional designer. In fact, to create a logo you need not only to draw something related to your industry, but to develop a concept that reflects you, and already based on the idea of ​​making a professional design. Knowing that even after reading this, the leaders of most Russian construction firms will decide to save, abandoning the professional development of the logo in favor of their own design and their own ideas, say that in general, it is recommended to spend 1-10% of the total budget on branding, which you are sending to marketing and Advertising. The more business develops, the more you need to invest in marketing, advertising and branding. In other words, you need to allocate money for branding and first of all you need to really take care of the logo.

You can make a branding plan for a year in advance and allocate money immediately for this period. This is usually done when the main needs and goals for branding are formed at the first stage. This method does not allow “maneuver”.

It is worth analyzing the expenses of competitors on branding and whether they spend at all resources on this direction (many construction companies and workshops in Russia are not engaged in branding).

2. Decide what fame you want. Many are trying to work on their brand, absolutely not understanding why they need it. The main idea of ​​most leaders take up branding: “I want to be famous” or “I want my company to be famous”. This is a 100% wrong way. When you position the brand, you must position it accurately and specifically. What popularity do you want for your company? For example, Disney is magic, not good films, cartoons about Mickey Mouse, children’s animation or attractions … What image should arise in the head of the consumer when he sees your logo or hears your name: professionals, reliability, reliability, reliability, reliability, reliability, reliability Justice, good management, good quality, value? Please note that the “cheap” and “low price” are not branded. “Cheap” is a bad brand, as it leads to low profitability. Those who make such a brand, as a rule, are faced with misunderstanding of customers later and the disappointment of customers, because you cannot work without prejudice and continue to invest in the project and its development (as well as subsequent branding) if you maintain a reputation as a matter “Low price” (that is, if you work at prices below competitors). Choose alternatives to the Brand “Low Price”, for example, “Reason price and quality”. In fact, most experts recommend building companies to position the brand as “experience and quality” and avoid any connection with prices. The most interesting thing is to make a brand that is associated with value and luxury. Now construction companies can also make original environmental brands and brands related to fashionable technologies.

3. Think of a trademark as a person, and this will help you understand how to create a brand in the best way. Create character to this person, come up with it as a personality. Keep in mind the following: our personality will determine how we behave in various situations, how we dress and how we say. This personality should be projected to everything related to the company, including its staff. The last thing you want to create a brand to work as a person with a bipolar disorder.

You can choose a superstar of your brand. This does not have to be a real superstar. Any team member is suitable for this purpose. Send the best superstars of your brand to exhibitions, let’s lead a blogs on the Internet, encourage them to create personal social accounts (you may have to help them financially with the development of the audience). Keep in mind that these brand superstars should feel very important persons. The brand’s superstar should be a person who understands what a brand he represents. For example, a superstar of a repair workshop may be a plumber Vasily, who is conducting a useful video blog, talking about modern plumbing or news of the plumbing market, as well as how to repair or choose plumbing.

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