Installation of plastic windows PVC VEKA (centuries).

You decided to change old wooden windows to modern? And your choice fell on Veka plastic windows? But what windows of PVC are best suited to you?

When choosing the design of the frame and the double -glazed window, first of all, the climatic conditions of the region where you live should be taken into account. In any case, the Russian climate is distinguished by sharp temperature changes and quite cold winters. But I really want the house to always be warm and comfortable, even when minus thirty outside! And installing plastic windows will help you solve this problem!

As you know, the width of the double -glazed window, like the number of glasses themselves, can be different.

One of the most reliable options for an apartment or a country house is five -taped plastic windows, such as Softline centuries. Most window profiles in the Russian PVC market have a width of 58 to 60 mm. But the company of the century, taking care of increasing the positive characteristics of its windows, one of the first began to produce profiles with a width of 70 mm. This is exactly what Veka Softline plastic windows are. What are the advantages of PVC windows of a similar design? The main and basic is increased heat -saving characteristics. In addition, an increased profile width allows you to increase the number of chambers in the double -glazed window. In the already classical three -chamber system, the first camera neutralizes the temperature attack of the external environment, the second chamber is placed a reinforcing profile, and the third camera provides a reliable installation and provides a place for fastening accessories. Profile with a width of 70 mm, allows you to install additional glasses and increase the number of cameras to 5. This is how Veka Softline metal -plastic windows are arranged. What does it give? The answer is simple – this significantly reduces thermal losses. Another factor that promotes the maintenance of heat in the house is an enlarged depth of installation of a double -glazed window – 21 mm. Thanks to this, the metal frame installed in the double -glazed window even further leaves the cool air zone and, accordingly, is less exposed to it. Result – heat from the house leaves even less. Another achievement of specialists of the Veka PVC windows is an extended fold area. This is what made it possible to install double -glazed windows in the windows of up to 42 mm wide. It also helps to improve the energy -saving characteristics of the window and makes it more resistant to atmospheric phenomena: wind, snow, rain and sun. In addition, all these advantages contribute to increasing the soundproofing characteristics of the window. And the last in the list, but not in importance, the details are two rows of a continuous silicone seal. Various options for the wings are also available in such windows: displaced, half -interfered or combined.

Add specially designed plastic to all of the above, with a patented recipe, the perfect window geometry, attractive appearance, safety and you will get the perfect window for Russian conditions. This is what are the windows of PVC Veka. More precisely, plastic windows Veka Softline.

Of course, any Veka PVC windows are the highest quality, versatility and reliability. And Softline profiles, only one of many successful options for your home. It is from them that the warmest plastic windows Veka are made.

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