Metal door lock

When you buy the doors, look at the manufacturer of the lock, it is best to purchase a package with an imported lock. They are much better and will not actually fail, it is worthwhile to say that the number of key combinations is incredibly large – from about 500 thousand, and up to 4 billion. The most basic advantage of the Skokold is simplicity and reliability.

It is unrealistic to hack it with the help of a master key, and it is impossible to break it with a sledgehammer or a heavy blow, due to the fact that the blow is distributed throughout the territory of the metal heavy door. But you can apply a grinder, though with such a noise, it is unlikely that an attacker will achieve success. He can run away even because the Skokold is used only in the option when someone can be at home.

It is necessary to remember the actions during the fire, if you put the Skokold – getting out of the living space is very simple. Even expensive imported locks are not very safe, due to the fact that under heating the mechanisms inside change and become faulty, and the elements with the spring are disturbed first. The door jams, and getting out of the living space is unrealistic.

In their own design, the cheeks can be broken and invoices, they can have a latch, or they can be without it. The mount established correctly eliminates the difference between the overhead and the mortise design during the application.

A lock may come in handy if the jacket must be opened on the outside, due to the fact that objects through the gaps in the door are virtually impossible. Plus, the canvas does not vibrate and firmly leans against the door box. Sometimes a chain can come in handy, but the door made of steel weighs quite a lot, and you need to choose a very strong chain, much stronger than for a wood door.

Where to buy a lock for an entrance metal door?

You need to buy a good high -quality lock for a metal door only in specialized stores, because there you will be offered a large selection and provide a guarantee! Metal doors in Dmitrov are now offered at an affordable price – so do not miss your chance!

Summing up, we need to remember everything that we said that the door of the metal is obliged to give good quality and what its design looks like:

The door of good quality has no distortions and deformations, it is considered an excellent geometric system.

It is necessary to put good locks of imported production in the canvas, moreover, immediately 2 species: leaf (crab) and cylinder.

Good quality canvas should be with insulation for sound insulation and thermal insulation. But still there will not be superfluous and rubber seal along the door perimeter.

It does not matter how reliable and good the door is if it was put incorrectly. You need to follow high -quality installation – this is extremely important.

Decorative cladding of the steel door should be at the highest level, select between the painting based on the powder or panels made of natural wood.

It is worth saying that now it is not difficult to buy an input metal door with the installation, you can find companies that do it, but you need to warn you right away – that the best option when the company that sold the doors to you itself is – because the economy class metal doors from the manufacturer always cheaper!

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