Mold no place in the house

Mold or mold fungi belong to a special world of wildlife, whose representatives are similar to bacteria, plants and animals. Mold releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as well as some volatile substances, including essential oils and minerals. Molds live almost everywhere. They are constantly near us, but due to the fact that they have microscopic dimensions, we do not always notice them. In some cases, we just get used to them and do not pay attention to them.

Mold distributes through the air in the form of microscopic pores. Once on a wet surface, it quickly germinates. Ideal conditions for her are room temperature and high humidity. Contributes to the germination of molds of poor air exchange and dirt. It is able to grow on many materials and objects that are used in rooms, including concrete and plaster, plastic and wood, rubber and fabric base of linoleum, paint and carpets, even on books. Mold develops perfectly in flower pots. Her microspores are able to climb our house from raw ventilation basements.

Mold is dangerous for health!

Mold fungi negatively affects not only a person’s home, but also his health. Residents of cities spend most of their time in closed rooms. When molds develop intensively, the amount of dispute in the air becomes hundreds of times more than permissible norms. This means that with every inhalation the danger to health is constantly increasing. The appearance of mold in the house can cause various diseases. Fungi can cause diathesis and allergies converting to asthma. Mold can cause a runny nose, pneumonia, headache. Under its influence, human immunity is reduced. This is why it is necessary to take urgent measures in order to get rid of it.

How to get rid of it

Reduces the risk of mold intensive ventilation, reducing the humidity of the room. There are many different ways to combat mold, including folk. For example, mold on the walls can be removed with a cloth moistened in a aqueous solution of drinking soda, and then wipe this place with table vinegar. It must be remembered that almost any material that does not have special protection can be destroyed by mold. The choice of drugs for the processing of building materials and dwelling should be approached very carefully. If there is a need to purchase such a tool, you should definitely study the label and instructions, as well as a certificate of conformity. Many of them are toxic and dangerous not only for mold, but also for humans. Now there are new generation protective drugs containing substances harmless to humans. They are optimal for both preventive measures and for the destruction of mold.

You should also pay attention to the fact that the house or apartment is well heated and ventilated. Equipment of Buderus, which is of high quality and reliability, will help in creating a comfortable microclimate. Baderus heating boilers have been produced for almost 300 years, and during this time the company learned to produce a decent quality technique.

After watching the Internet catalog of boilers Buderus, you will see that high quality is not necessarily expensive. You can choose the technique on your pocket that meets your requirements. It’s nice when the company seeks to reduce price and improve the quality of its own products.

To prevent mold and damp from appearing in the house, it is also important to be able to regulate the temperature depending on what season it is. Buderus heating technique is also equipment management systems for your maximum comfort.

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