Negative ions in saunas are good for health

The fact that the sauna is good for health, everyone heard. However, the majority is only aware of the positive effects of high temperatures. Not so long ago, the discovery was made proving the presence of negatively charged particles in the sauna and wood bath – ions. So to the vasodilating and relaxing relaxation, which gives a good bathhouse at VDNH, you can safely add a positive effect of the effects of negative ions. Such an effect on the steam room on the human body has produced a real splash among the Finns, which from childhood regularly visit the saunas and betray the procedure for paramount importance.

More than half a century ago, the positive effect of negative ions on the human body was established. It was noted that in conditions where the content of such ions in the air is increased, a person feels more awake and energetic. Even under the Soviet Union, with the help of such negatively charged particles, respiratory diseases, poorly healing burns, performed general healing of the body and even checked cancer.

Today, the inhabitants of the Earth are seriously concerned about the problem of air ionization: in public premises, in residential buildings, ordinary ionizers are installed in transport to somehow improve their habitat. Such attempts cannot be called vain, because scientists confirm that the insufficient number of negatively charged and the excess of positively charged ions has an oppressive effect on a person. In such an environment, people feel depressed, experience unconscious anxiety, nervousness and fatigue. In this case, we can talk about the phenomenon of “positive ion poisoning”. Few people heard about this, but often this occurs with a change in the weather, with violation of ventilation processes and with a long time in a closed vehicle. Such poisoning in small doses leads to insomnia, headaches and depression. If there is severe poisoning, then as a result, a person may have an attack of hay fever, heart attack, asthma, arthritis, rheumatism or allergic reaction. To prevent even the probability of ion poisoning, at least sometimes rent saunas for two or in the company of friends.

The effect of the influence of negative ions was opened in a firewood sauna, which well hot stones in the steam room. The tests showed that the water that fell on very hot stones, during evaporation, formed not only steam, but also a huge number of negative ions. Therefore, if the question arises, how to bathe properly, the correct answer would be: in a sauna with wood-burning stoves. This is of key importance, since with insufficient stones and the absence of the release of negative ions, a person after the bath experiences lethargy and fatigue. It is very important that the steam room is present at least metal parts, because the tests confirmed that the hot metal helps to develop a large number of harmful positive ions.

So, about to engage in the adjustment of your own health, it will not be superfluous to include hiking in a classic Russian bathhouse or a Finnish sauna on wood or with a stone stove in the list of health procedures. Such recovery will be not only effective, but also pleasant.

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