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Each modern consumer can only guess the difficulties of laying a parquet floor of natural or artificial origin until he himself encounters this work. The fact is that independent work of such a plan may not give a luxurious result to your home than you will contact a professional company. The most important thing is not to violate the points of technology for working with such a coating, otherwise as a result you will get not what you have long wanted and dreamed. To date, some consumers are still confident that they will save on such a process, making it on their own. But if you understand in time that everything will turn out the other way around, you can achieve a completely different result and do everything possible to avoid loss of time and your own forces of time. At this stage, such a statement of the question may seem completely incomprehensible to you, but if we talk about the correctness in the second -plan works, you might think in a completely different way. Just imagine that laying the parquet does not begin with the work of this term, but only from the base that is prepared for further techniques. To make it even, just align the floor? Of course not. In this case, you need to pour it on a cement screed, and then start work with plywood sheets. Their evenness will subsequently allow you to do competent work with the laying of the main material, and as for future operation, you don’t have to think for a long time and you don’t have to think for a long time. To date, more and more consumers began to choose precisely parquet. But why? Everything is simpler than you might think, because it is parquet that is the founder and guarantee of the future success of your interior, which will not change your choice and will last for many years without changing the general idea about itself. But we are most interested in the question of why a new coating is needed? After all, it just seemed to put it and we can begin to use it with pleasure? Everything is not as simple as it seems. To begin with, we will determine the foundation itself. As we have already said, a simple pouring of concrete or the preparation of a black floor from a tree will not leave itself long, since after that it is necessary to lay plywood sheets. It is on them that the smoothness of the surface and the future use of material for the flooring will depend on them. It must be remembered that the basis on which the future laying of the laminate is carried out should be dry. Even if it seems to you that you can already act when the base is slightly wet, it is best to tolerate a little time, but to achieve the optimal result and not think about unpleasant consequences. Most often, it is this factor that leads to the inaccurate of the work of a professional brigade, and we understand that in this case it is simply impossible to call it such. The mistake is that a specialist cannot lay parquet on a wet, low surface, since he knows the consequences. It is worth reminding you or making a certain discovery that the choice of future material slightly depends on the base, since its main part is just in size. Imagine that for the main work you used plywood sheets about 10 mm thick. In this case, a parquet or laminate reaching no more than 16 mm is best suited. In width. He will fit tightly to the black floor and optimally retain positive qualities, due to which you can always say that you have made the right choice. Regardless of this, you also remember that the parquet cyclist is inevitable even on the occasion of laying completely new material in any house. Perhaps you have already heard about whether you had to deal with that the cycle is carried out on a worn floor, but this is not always the case. To maintain the appearance and preserve all the necessary advantages in use, you should pay attention to this.

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