Paul in the trading floor. What should it be?

The main parameters that should differ in rooms intended for the equipment of trading halls is resistance to wear, low abrasion, aesthetics and, of course, durability. After all, repairing the floor in a room that should constantly function and take hundreds of visitors will be extremely problematic. Who wants to incur losses, not only spending time and means on materials and work on the restoration of the coating, which turned out to be unstable and short -lived, but also lose profits that could be obtained while the repair work is underway. Therefore, it is worth considering in advance which floors to build and thereby avoid possible troubles. Of course, anyway, you will refer to professionals who will deal with these issues, but no one is safe from the unsuccessful choice of the company. Therefore, it is advisable to navigate at least minimally in those issues that you are going to entrust to a third-party company.

What you need to know about industrial coatings in order not to get into a mess

Industrial coatings are divided into three large categories, within which there are also differences in both materials and for its intended purpose. So, having chosen, for example, a bulk polymer floor, and without specifying at the same time what kind of properties it should have, you run the risk of getting a floor that does not correspond to your requests. We recommend that we discuss with experts first to discuss the properties of the industrial sex, which you want to get in the end, not materials. Remember that many companies are engaged in the installation of any one type of industrial sex. In this case, you will persistently offer you this type of coating, not paying attention to your needs and characteristics that are important to you. In addition, it is highly likely that you will be offered the most expensive coverage with the available options that are equivalent in properties, but cheaper. To avoid this, we recommend that you study the parameters by which these types of coatings differ from each other. This will help you make the right choice. So, what types of industrial sexes exist today, and how they differ from each other:


Magnesial coatings are the most durable today, which even with intensive use last more than fifty years. Polymer-cement floors can serve up to forty years, concrete floors with an intended upper layer-up to eight, in some cases up to 15 years.

Wear resistance

To date, the floors of any of the three groups presented above (magnesian, polymer, with topping) have in the line the options for mixtures intended for the construction of wear -resistant sex. And reached very good indicators in this. So whatever option you choose, you can be sure that the floor in your trading floor will be very, very resistant to abrasion. The main thing is to stipulate this moment in advance and choose the most suitable option from the presented. After all, even among tops there are at least three types of mixtures that differ in properties.

Decorative qualities

If we talk about the aesthetic qualities of the floor, then there is also a sufficient number of options in each group. Everything will depend on your personal taste and preferences here.

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