Plant lawn or use rolls?

The desire to have a beautiful lawn does not occur only to those who do not care about aesthetics at all. But a high-quality green yard requires effort and material investments, which is why many people so often put off the decision to create such beauty in their suburban area. And yet, if such a thought visits your head, then you should be aware of the two options that you have – plant a lawn from seeds or use ready-made rolls. In no case do not think that in the second case we offer you something artificial. Both are extremely natural.

A beautiful lawn requires initial surface preparation, no matter what decision you make later. If you don’t want to work for the lawn yourself, you can hire lawn laying companies and they will do everything for you. The soil needs to be prepared before sowing and before laying a roll lawn and this is one of the key points on which the quality of the result depends.

You have two options – ready-made lawn blanks, which are part of peat with greenery growing from it. You can look at this option as if it were seedlings. The principle is very similar. And you can also use seeds, that is, grow a lawn from scratch. We note right away that there is a difference between rolled lawns. On the example of the Green Park company, which sells Nizhny Novgorod rolled lawn throughout the Nizhny Novgorod region, we will single out three types of finished lawn – industrial (the cheapest), premium class lawn and elite lawn (the most expensive). You will take a slight look at the appearance and immediately understand the difference.

What are the advantages of the finished rolled lawn?

Quick installation (no need to wait for seeds to germinate)

Instant result (you immediately see a pleasant green yard, do not wait months until everything sprouts and rises to the desired height)

You can lay the lawn in almost any weather, including Elsi on the street cool

The lawn is immune to a number of troubles

No problem with small stones

Reduced need for lawn watering and fertilizing

What are the disadvantages of the finished rolled lawn?

The cost is significantly higher than in the option with simple sowing

The lawn needs to be laid as soon as it arrives – the rolls will rot

More difficult to lay the lawn than to sow seeds

May contain weeds, and low-quality sellers also have pests

Installation requires knowledge and tools

What are the benefits of a lawn grown from seed??

Low price

Seeds can be stored until planting as long as you like, the main thing is to keep them away from pests and in dryness

You get a lot of control over exactly what you sow

Damaged areas are easily repaired by sowing the same seeds

What are the disadvantages of a lawn grown from seeds?

Soil preparation must be very thorough – cleaning of stones and all plants before sowing is required

Young grass is dangerously dependent on many factors – birds, diseases, bad weather

Before the seeds germinate, the lawn will look like a brown ugly meadow, and in this form they will arrive for several weeks, followed by several more months of slow germination.

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