Plastic windows and doors on balconies and loggias

To date, it is the norm by installing plastic windows, install plastic doors, and having performed such work, it becomes necessary to glaze loggias and balconies, and possibly their insulation. Glazing of balconies and loggias is necessary for the access of light in the apartment, since if you use them as a pantry, the light will quickly fade without finding the opportunity to get into your apartment.

Well, it’s not a secret that balconies and loggias are a source of fresh air as well as negative ions (when ventilating) – This is the useful quality that is contained not only in the rustic, but also in the city air. The presence of negative ions will save the room from mustiness and mold, and it is the presence of negative ions in the air that helps capricious children to fall asleep instantly and sweetly on balconies and loggias.

Glazing of balconies and loggias without insulation provides an opportunity in the cold season on balconies and loggias to store products, as well as strengthen their health, performing hardening procedures. Our company for glazing balconies and loggias, as well as linenia insulation or setting plastic doors, solves rather complex problems, such as observing equilibrium between prices, efficiency and ergonomics. To solve these problems, our company offers his customers to glaze balconies and loggias, their insulation or installation of wonderful products as plastic doors, to choose from – order «cold» or «warm» glazing.

«Warm» Glazing is carried out using a plastic profile, which provides thermal insulation of the balcony. Such work is carried out to reconstruct the balcony or loggia into an additional living warm room. By installing plastic windows that are airtight and have excellent thermal insulation, your balcony or loggia, as well as all the things that are on them, become perfectly protected from frost and heat, and in addition from dust.

By glazing balconies and loggias, their insulation, installing plastic doors, we will provide waterproofing from the outside of the balcony or loggia. We will establish protection of those parts of the balcony that may be corroded, this is due to the attachment of the external tide. From the inside we will provide steam insulation. With the presence of plastic windows in the room, ventilation is necessary to avoid increasing atmospheric humidity and condensate formation, which in turn can lead to breeding the fungus and mold. Our company when glazing balconies and loggias, their insulation or installing plastic doors, will protect you from a similar problem, installing an additional ventilation system such as combs or climatic valve.

Modern technologies, materials and products simply perfectly increase our standard of living and give us a great opportunity to at least occasionally remember that we are people and should improve our health by resting or taking air baths. In urban conditions, it is quite not just to find a clean corner where you could sit and breathe fresh air, and it is this corner that your loggia or balcony can become – Without noise and strong winds of wind, you can breathe perfectly with fresh air, since the valve ventilation system will make it possible and feasible.

Plastic doors will protect us from the noise of the TV of our spouse, who loves football or another noisy sport. It is on the balcony that you can do knitting, pulling away from the hassle and worries of life, read books or play on a laptop, that is, do what you love, far from the noise of the apartment and city, in warmth and comfort, only one but one thing – It is necessary to glaze balconies or loggias so that such comfort becomes possible in any apartment.

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