Plastic windows: Ecology above all

Fashion for environmentally friendly solutions did not arise from scratch. Nowadays, many manufacturers are inclined to sacrifice total consumption for the sake of reducing the reduction in the process, and unscrupulous sellers can slip an inexperienced consumer, made of toxic materials. Windows are the only barrier between housing and fresh air, so before installing new windows, we simply must make sure that the material from which they are made will not negatively affect health.

Windows that can be safely called high -quality and environmentally friendly are usually made of polyvinyl chloride, for the production of which, in turn, only natural raw materials are used: oil, table salt and gas. Polyvinyl chloride is inert, due to which it is used in the production of the most expensive and high -quality goods. Many experts believe that at the moment polyvinyl chloride is the most environmentally friendly raw material for the production of TNP. Windows made of polyvinyl chloride are installed in hospitals, nursing houses, kindergartens and state institutions. They also are in demand among wealthy people who cannot be suspected of a negligent attitude to their own health.

If we talk about the production cycle, in which a variety of chemical elements and substances participated at one time, then in the early 2000s it was decided to abandon dangerous chemical compounds. For example, since 2005 in production have ceased to use lead as a source of a potential threat.

If you want to not just choose an ecologically safe window, but choose the most advanced environmental technologies with it, pay attention to the windows with the KBE profile released by the Profine GmbH concern. This is the first concern that produces plastic windows that declared the transition to the new technology “Greenline”. In addition to complete refusal to use toxic substances in the production cycle, Profine GmbH develops a program for the disposal of old windows, saving the environment from excess garbage. On the way, beaten by Profine GmbH, the development of most large European concerns is now moving. Due to territorial restrictions, Europe cannot afford to produce environmentally friendly goods. If you certainly want to buy plastic windows inexpensively, Korolev is a great place where you will sell windows without taking into account their environmental properties.

The best way not to be mistaken in choosing before buying is to get acquainted with what they write about a specific model of windows and manufacturer on the network. Consumer reviews from countries in which the tradition of preventing diseases is well developed will be especially useful. And one more, paradoxical advice that we could give to those who are not able to deal with the materials: try to use a home cat as a toxicity sensor. If the cat is nervous and does not smell the plastic of the windows that you are going to buy, then it is better not to take them. If plastic does not cause her strong emotions, then it does not contain dangerous elements. If there is no reliable cat, the company of the window of prestige will help you and will provide an individual that can easily find the lead molecule in a ton of polyvinyl chloride.

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