Pump in the pool – the heart of the reservoir

The pump for the pool acts as a human heart. They both are responsible for moving vital liquids, the correct functioning of the entire system depends on the circulation of which. The operation of the pump may seem insignificant, but without the movement of water your pool will not look properly. The movement of water supports its chemical composition and protects the pool from stagnation. The pump helps to remove stagnant garbage and accumulations that contribute to the development of diseases and bacteria, as well as other threats to human health. In this article you will find tips on choosing and installing pumps for the pool.

A variety of choice.

The water in the pool should ideally circulate through the filter at least once a day. So, the pump should be prepared for good work and be correctly selected. However, it is difficult to say that it is better for your pool, because each specific installation is suitable for certain design features. There are many options, especially in the modern market, where pumps of pumps with different capacities and functional features are represented. It is worth choosing the pump that creates the optimal balance for needs and capabilities. No need to take a too large pump and too small. Big does not mean that it will work faster. In addition, if the pump is bulky, then it will most likely be very noise and will burn out for several years. Great power devices can disable your other equipment connected to one network. However, if the pump is too small for your pool, then it simply can not cope with the load and quickly burn out from the ineffective work.

Perfect pump for the pool

The ideal pump for the pool is selected according to the parameters of the pool itself. You need to consider the dimensions, area, depth, shape. It is also worth taking into account the chemicals used and the frequency of their use. Other important features are the equipment already installed in the pool, the frequency of using the pool. The ideal pump for the pool will function clearly on the problem – no more, no less. In this case, the energy consumed by him should not violate the operation of other devices in the mains.

The best option to find the perfect pump for the pool is to contact the seller of a specialized store, knowing all the parameters of its pool, which we talked about above.

Energy efficiency. Be sure to keep in mind this item to save.

You should take into account the fact that the pump in the pool with constant use will consume a lot of energy, and, therefore, the pumps are generally quite expensive to operate. So, when buying, it is better to pay a large amount in the short term for a more energy -saving and functional block to save your budget in the long run. Pumps with timers can reduce the frequency of use in automatic mode.

I do not work for the pool alone, they work in tandem with other equipment, namely with filters. The more correctly the filters are selected, the more efficiently they help the pump work in lower power. To reduce garbage, try using large filters, vacuum cleaners, a roof to cover the pool, and you can also remove garbage manually. All this will reduce the load on the pump, and, therefore, will reduce its work.

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