Replacement of elevators in the residential sector and further maintenance

The elevator is a complex lifting mechanism, which consists of many nodes moving along the rigid guide.

The choice of elevators for a residential or commercial complex is a very responsible task. The main point in choosing a particular elevator is the availability of a maintenance program. After all, it is the timely technical examination of all components of the system and the elimination of problems that affects the uninterrupted operation of the equipment. Therefore, when buying lifting equipment, you should pay attention to whether the company is provided or not. Otherwise, you risk staying with the problems of the breakdown one on one.

The service life of passenger elevators is 25 years since the first launch. After the expiration of the service life, it is subject to replacement, while technical diagnostics, examination and, based on all the results obtained, concludes about the technical condition of the elevator are made and a decision is made to decide to make it out of operation. Timely replacement of elevator equipment is a necessary security measure of passengers.

According to Rostekhnadzor, almost 40% of the elevators have developed their service life and require a complete replacement.

Replacing elevator equipment is a complex, multi -level technical process that is more time -consuming than just its installation in a new house, since the dismantling of the old cabin and all nodes is also required. The timing of the replacement work depends on the technical characteristics, models, varieties (cargo elevator, elevator in the cottage, etc.), as well as from the state of the elevator shaft. Avant Lift Service installers who have certified and have many years of experience are ready to order any complexity of dismantling and complete replacement of elevators. After installation and commissioning, the elevator undergoes a complete technical examination and an act of complete technical examination is issued, to which a number of accompanying documents are attached. After the installation of all lifting equipment, it is required to sign a contract for monthly maintenance of the elevator.

In order to avoid problems with firms with one -day companies that resolve contracts to random companies, it is recommended to sign a maintenance contract for elevators for a long time, as well as take into account the objects that are on the maintenance of the selected company.

Lifts of foreign companies such as Kone, OTIS, ThYSSEN KPP, Schindler, DopPler, LG are characterized by a number of factors in their maintenance, respectively, and the prices for that depends on these parameters:

Technical data: the lift of the elevator and the number of stops, speed, microprocessor control, the presence of a frequency converter, video surveillance and other additional functions.

The range of elevator relative to the repair team and emergency service. Emergency services of Avant Lift Service are located in different areas of Moscow (CJSC, SAO, SEZAO).

The number of elevators connected to the dispatching point.

Operating mode, uninterrupted and safety of the system.

Qualification of maintenance personnel. Electromechanics of Avant Lift Service, when performing work on this, are guided by the information and instructions of the instructions of factories -manufacturers for specific elevators of elevators.

Thus, timely replacement of elevators, as well as conducting maintenance work, guarantees passenger safety and established, uninterrupted operation of lifting equipment.

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