Rethinking a stepladder and a staircase for design

Folding stairs and ladders are universally used both in construction work and for repair. These simple designs are purchased for painting at home or installation at a small height. In addition, simple vertical stairs are often the main and budgetary way to climb into the attic in a country house. Today, however, we will talk about how laspers and stairs can be used for other functions, including decoration.

More and more people use stairs in the interior, and wherever this design has led the designers’ thoughts. For example, the opposite of the functional value of the usual ladder can be given, turning it into a horizontal position and hanging it under the ceiling. Having fixed the hooks on the frame of the stairs, you can hang various objects on it, including utensils. This idea works excellently in dachas and not only decorates space, but also organizes a simple storage system.

In American houses, the use of an old staircase or stepladder in the bathroom, where they are placed as shelves or a heated towel rail, are becoming a very popular tendency. We say this is a great option for your country dwelling. No need to buy additional furniture, and in cases where there is a need for the stairs for repair work, you can always take it from there for a while. By the way, in this way, you also solve the problem with the place of storage of the stairs. And keep in mind that the hardened paint, shabby and other defects on the old stepladder only add to its luxury. This style even has a name – shabby chic.

You can use wide stairs to stir linen in the country, and a stepladder as a stand for displaying souvenirs or kitchen spices.

For retail stores, the staircase is also often a variant of the storage cabinet and showcase demonstrations. It should correspond to the style of the room in such a function, while sometimes it is decorated with accessories or painted with paints. This is one of the popular trends in stores and a cafe with a home atmosphere.

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Let’s not forget that the main purpose of the ladder is to help a person reach a little higher, but even with the main function, it can be used in a more original and functional way. For example, in country houses or old houses with high ceilings, cabinets are made to the very ceiling and they simply put the stairs to them, thus, maximizing the space used as possible. This option is suitable for both bedrooms and kitchens. In order for the staircase to hold, along the lower line of the upper shelves, a bar is launched, on which the staircase is fixed on the wheels. Such stairs also work with book cabinets, and in the office the library adds magnificence and aristocracy to the ceiling.

Sometimes, our stairs look so bad that it is better not to bring them inside the house, but this does not mean that it is time to send such a design to retire. You can use battered and worn stairs or stepladders in the exterior, placing vertical landscaping on them. Another option is a ladder who holds flower beds or stairs that create fences.

In general, any staircase, whether it is old or new, worthy of a place in the interior. In this article, we gave you examples of how to use old and very old design options, as well as how to store stairs with benefit. Portal Project Rodna hopes that you will use these tips. If you want to share your ideas on the topic of non -standard use of stairs, write about this in the comments on this article.

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