Select ceiling selection: low price or quality

Choosing a stretch ceiling, any consumer seeks to reduce his costs. But before giving preference to the lowest price, it is worth determining the operational parameters of inexpensive paintings.

If advertising positions its product, and in this case, the stretch ceiling as an inexpensive and effective solution for decoration of ceilings in the apartment, this means that a low price is the main advantage. As for the shortcomings, they are probably there, so it is worth evaluating the attractiveness of the purchase in the context of price-quality. In the case of stretch ceilings of PVC film, everything is so: the relatively low price and ease of installation of such ceilings is balanced by their shortcomings. Firstly, during the installation, the owner of the premises is faced with the need to use a heat gun in the apartment. Small furniture, curtains, paintings and other elements of the decor will have to be taken out, large furniture is covered with bedspreads, which somewhat saves the situation. It is clear that the wallpaper cannot be closed.

As for operational qualities, there are frequent cases of PVC tape breaking due to high air pressure, the cause of which can be the door slamming from the draft, and pressure under the film itself. The strength of such a ceiling may not withstand the mechanical influence of any object, starting with the ball and ending with a traffic jam from champagne. Also, in the case of installation of a polyhlorvinyl ceiling, you will have to take care of the minimum heat loss of light bulbs, that is, you will have to buy lamps with thermal insulation or use energy -saving lights. Otherwise, the film around the light source will change color or deform, which will negatively affect the aesthetics of the ceiling.

It is also worth recalling such a source of directional heat as a hob. If the kitchen does not have an hood, then it is worth refusing to refuse the PVC ceiling. In general, in the kitchen, a glossy film is undesirable, if only because it will not suffer constant cleaning and removal of fat spots. This implies the use of alcohol -containing liquids and mechanical cleaning, contact with water – all this is a thin layer of PVC fibers simply can not withstand.

It will not be possible to finish the ceiling in the premises of a large area of ​​PVC a film-it can sag. Moreover, the stitches are inevitable on the ceiling, which can ruin the whole view.

Fabric ceilings are much more expensive, but also have the whole set of operational characteristics to last at least 10 years. This is the case when it is worth paying more now, but save in the future. For example, DESCOR and Clipso fabric from Nikomax can be operated even in an unheated room, which no PVC film can withstand. They are not afraid of mechanical exposure, high temperatures, exposure to sprays and polishes. You can read more about the stunning properties of the stretch ceilings Clipso and Descor here. Since the width of the canvas of these brands reaches 5 meters, this guarantees the absence of seams even in the largest room.

It is also worth noting that when installing tissue stretch ceilings, a heat gun does not need a heat – this avoids effort to move furniture and not endanger all interior items. Like any suspended ceilings, fabric linen reduces the height of the ceiling, so this will have to be taken into account when choosing any material. As practice shows, a high -quality canvas for decoration is guaranteed to serve at least 10 years, which will allow the owner of the premises not to worry about the probability of repeating repairs.

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