Select metal -plastic windows

Today the market of metal -plastic windows is very extensive and diverse. On the one hand, there is no need to talk about the shortage of products, there are windows, as they say, for every taste and size, and on the other hand, to understand all this diversity and make the optimal choice of both the model and the supplier, very, very difficult. When choosing a manufacturer, you must first pay attention, in addition to the price, to provide services such as winding windows, installation and subsequent maintenance, delivery and assistance in operation.

First you need to find out the manufacturer from what materials (profile, fittings, glass) windows are made and which components are provided (window sills, mosquito nets, tints), find out the basic technical characteristics of the materials. These are the main factors that ultimately determine the quality of finished products.

Another very important condition is the correct professional assembly, taking into account all the relevant requirements.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that, unfortunately, many firms do not have machine production in general. The reasons are different, and the most common is too high the cost of expensive equipment. As a result, the window windows made by the “manual method” may not comply with either the accepted standards or the necessary sizes. Therefore, at the monitoring stage, it is necessary to clarify the information not only about the company itself, but also about its production capabilities. The ideal option is if the enterprise works on the principle of a closed cycle, that is, all stages (cutting the profile, preparation of the glass -glazed window, lamination, arched bends, non -standard structures) are performed in one production.

The most important question is ways to transport finished products. In most cases, production is located outside or on the outskirts of the city, so before getting to the consumer, the finished PVC windows sometimes overcome considerable distances from the manufacturer. The transportation of windows is supposed to be carried out on a specially designed transport for this, by all means in an upright position. If, at first glance, this is an obvious and simple rule not to fulfill, then hidden defects of the profile and glass may occur, which in the future can have a significant negative effect on the quality of the windows.

Next, you should ask the price. Almost all companies offer discounts and bonuses, so it is very difficult to navigate in price policy. Therefore, it is recommended to call the company and ask the manager to make an estimate according to the preliminary sizes, taking into account the requirements for the configuration, technical and functional and features, the installation of a new window and dismantle the old, delivery of the structure and rise to the corresponding floor. In this case, it should be clarified which package of documents is provided at the end of the execution of the order (acceptance certificate, sales contract, warranty card, etc. P.), whether guarantees and service are provided and in what volume, for what period from the date of installation. A solid manufacturer provides a guarantee for at least two years, a warranty card, a passport and service services: replacement of components and regulation of the structure during the warranty period.

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