Selection of transformer tables: models and photos

Many of the inhabitants of megacities live in residential areas having a small area. And therefore, saving space for them is important. In our apartments, the kitchen often works not only the dining room for lunch of the whole family, but also to receive guests. In such options, to solve this problem of location of guests will help resolve the transformer table

Varieties of transformers

For purpose, transformers are divided into such options:




Dining tables-transformers look like ordinary. When selecting a transformer system, especially for the kitchen that determines the next moment is considered. If there is a real need to lay out the table every day or a couple of times during the day, then the system must be minimally simple and allow you to perform this operation using one hand without difficulty. If it is related only during the reception of guests, then the option of selecting the system is more very different

In the reception zone, the dining tables-transformers are again used, occupying little space and spread out to receive guests. Many owners like to use coffee tables, neglecting large dining systems. For them, a magnificent solution will be dining-journal tables. They are a small coffee table, in which the upper part will be laid out and the height becomes greater, converting it into a real dining module

Transformer furniture for the nursery includes desks. They are intended not only for schoolchildren, but also for young children. Their system is arranged in such a way that it makes it possible to adjust the height of the seats and countertops under the growth of the baby. Many models are still able to increase the area of ​​the countertop. It is comfortable for the baby at such a desk not only to do homework, but also to play, read, do crafts

Constructive solution of transformer tables

By their own execution, the laid out tables are divided into important models:

with a sliding countertop;



The very first is a stationary type of tables that occupy their own permanent place in the area for receiving guests or in the kitchen area. If necessary, they are extended by a countertop due to the additional part, which is saved under the countertop.

The second model is a table -up table, having a small size in a folded state, taking places very few. On both sides there are additional countertops lowered down. Raising them, you can get a large additional dining area. The book tables also include kitchen tables, in which only one side rises, and the second side is considered the main surface

As for the dining and magazine transformer tables, they are divided into two types. Some have an unexplored countertop, plus the height of the table changes to this. Legs are arranged according to the rule of the ironing board or increase the height thanks to the parts put forward. The second variety changes not only the height of the legs, but also the size of the countertop

The collapsible tables are standing apart, which again belong to transformers. In addition to the expanding countertop, which increases the area, there are unscrewing legs. In the absence of free space and the upper part in a disassembled form, they are saved in the pantry and collected if necessary

Increasing the area of ​​the countertop in certain models is achievable thanks to the “inserts”, which are saved separately and are placed from the sides in specialized places. Such wing inserts are inconsistent with the landing area and often perform the function of decor

Among the kitchen transformers, “double addition” models are popular. In the finished form, the countertop looks like double. From one side, the folded parts of the countertops are fastened with loops. The upper cover is leaning back, the dining area becomes more twice as. For the resistance of the “open” countertop, it moves to the center of the base

Photo of transformer tables

Decisions of transformer tables

The appearance, the size of transformer tables are determined first of all the presence of a free area in the kitchen area or in the reception area. And therefore it is so difficult to choose a model that immediately meets constructive needs and perfectly enters into the interior

Countertops made of MDF or laminated chipboard are especially in demand. Metal and wood are perfectly consistent in the production of dining furniture, but the price of such models made of natural material above averaged

Now the fame of the countertops from specialized tempered glass is gaining fame. Due to the permeability of the mother, the products will be applied to any design, whether it is Hi-Tech, modern or classic, giving it lightness and grace. And the table itself seems airy and occupying little space. Glass transformers are ideal in the form of coffee and aligned tables in the reception area

Products from Italy that produce transformer tables are very popular. The quality of such furniture has no reproaches from buyers. Domestic companies, given the direction of demand, always expand their own choice, replenishing it with new developments of transformable tables. Very popular models are demonstrated in the given photos

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