Self cleaning

Before the holidays, the arrival of guests and weekends, housewives will have to do a general cleaning of apartments, often associated with a fair amount of hassle. However, not everything is so scary if everything is done correctly.

If you decide to clean the cleaning in your house without the help of clearing companies, then the trusted tips listed below will help you do everything correctly, without unnecessary expenses of time and effort.

Starting with cleaning cabinets. First remove all clothing and let the furniture air out. Wipe all wall surfaces with a damp cloth soaked in an antiseptic. Also empty the sideboard and wipe all the dishes and surfaces from dust, do the same on the mezzanines and inside the desk. Then carefully fold everything back so that everything is in its place – this will save you a lot of time when looking for different things.

Take down the curtains. First, they are soaked in warm water, and then washed. Dismantle the bed by pulling out mattresses and pillows, which are best knocked out on the street from accumulated dust or vacuumed. You can also do without a vacuum cleaner, if it is inconvenient for you to climb on the beds with it – cover the pillows with a damp, clean rag, it will absorb dust. Foam pillows are best washed in warm soapy water. Cover the sofa and armchairs, previously soaked in a weak solution of vinegar, and then knock out on the street, do it 2-3 times.

Cleaning the office and the furniture inherent in this place has its own characteristics, without taking into account which you can easily ruin valuables. So, leather furniture can only be wiped with a dry cloth. Wet processing for polishing is also not recommended, they are also cleaned only in a dry way. If there is a stain left on the polish from hot coffee or something similar, then this area is easiest to process with a drawing eraser, and then wipe it with a special liquid like “Polish”.

After we move on to the walls and ceiling, which are more efficient to clean with a vacuum cleaner. The wallpaper is wiped with a dampened brush and a very clean cloth. Painted walls are washed with warm soapy water. Batteries are best washed with a cloth soaked in a special chemical to prolong their life. There are many hard-to-reach places with an abundance of dust, so stock up on a bucket of water and a few rags. Inside the cabinets with books and folders, it is easiest to vacuum and then wipe with a dry rag, only so you can clean them without harming the paper. The ceiling lamps are carefully removed and washed in warm water with soap, otherwise the dust that is imperceptible at first glance will retain a lot of light.

General cleaning of the premises inevitably includes window cleaning. The most elementary and quite effective window cleaner is a solution of ordinary starch in cold water, prepared from the ratio of one tablespoon per liter of water. A warm solution of vinegar or bleach in the proportion of 50 g per liter of water is also suitable. You can easily get rid of old streaks that have eaten into the glass if you use an elementary abrasive agent that mechanically effectively removes dirt. This is a solution of toothpaste or chalk from a ratio of 2 tablespoons to a glass of water, in which the fabric is soaked, the glass is wiped with it, and then wiped with a dry cloth. Very simple, cheap and environmentally friendly.

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