Here you can buy siding of both domestic production (RB) and foreign. If necessary, we organize delivery to construction sites. We provide assistance in calculating the required number of siding panels and components used in its installation. To do this, you need to email an application with a house project, or a detailed drawing of it. Siding is a special strip (sheet) material used for sheathing buildings both from the outside and from the inside. Speaking of cladding the inside of the walls, we are talking about commercial and industrial buildings, but the outer cladding can be applied to almost any object. In the CIS countries, the main reason for the popularity of siding was the possibility of facing outdated buildings and houses, giving them a completely new stylish look.


Here is a list of the main siding manufacturers: the German company “Holzplast”, the company from Canada “Mitten Vinyl”, the Polish companies “CertainTeed” and “Royal Europa”, the US company “Boryszew”, the Russian companies “Alta-Profil” and “Döcke”, ” American Siding”, Canadian “Royal Genesis”, Polish company “Novik”, company from Slovakia “Vox Industrie S. A.-Profile”, a company from Belarus “Slovinil”, “Yu-plast”, “Georgia Pacific” and “FineBer”. The list of manufacturers is constantly growing, as the material is gaining more and more popularity around the world.

Types of siding. Characteristics and differences.

Vinyl siding.

This type of siding can be used when finishing any type of facade. Visually, such siding looks almost indistinguishable from a regular facade board, but its main difference is durability, thanks to which the outer coating will not change even after 20 years. In addition, vinyl siding perfectly withstands drops of low and high temperatures. Not whimsical in care.

metal siding.

Metal siding – special facing panels, consisting of cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized steel, having a thickness of up to 1 millimeter and a width of up to 55 centimeters. In addition, a polymer coating is applied to the panel, it can be different: pural, plastisol or polyester. Metal siding has decent performance and long service life. This material can be painted in almost any color that corresponds to the RAL scale.

basement siding.

This type of siding perfectly imitates various natural and synthetic materials, and is used as outdoor siding. At the moment, the technology allows the production of siding that imitates various types of wood, the texture of brick, stone or shingles. The number of varieties of this material is steadily growing. Thanks to the perfect imitation, a basement siding can embody any design idea.

steel siding.

In addition to metal, there is also steel siding, produced in smooth and figured panels. To create this material, hot-rolled stainless steel is used, and plastisol and special polyester are used for external protection. The color palette is quite wide. This type of siding is very easy to install, this is achieved with the help of convenient latches located on the edges of the panels. Sections of almost any desired size are possible. This is one of the best value for money solutions.

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