SRO in construction and design. Its mission and benefits

After the abolition of licensing of various activities in our country, construction companies needed to join the SRO. This means that the state completely shifted the supervision of this activity to the participants of self-regulatory organizations. First of all, they are created in order to reduce the number of unscrupulous firms – developers. This fact will help stabilize the market situation. This innovation has its advantages. Management of the company’s activities after the entry becomes centralized and more efficient. Competitiveness is developed by improving the quality of services provided. This is facilitated by the fact that members of the SRO take an active part in the management of the company’s activities. They have the opportunity to influence the economic state of the market to a small extent.

SRO in construction is a necessity for conducting legal entrepreneurial activities. Self -regulatory organizations are required to ensure the proper quality of executive, as well as the safety of human life and health. Their activities are regulated by regulatory legal acts and the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation. The main tasks of the association in question:

Supervision of compliance by participants in the approved regulations;

Ensuring property liability of members to consumers;

Issuance of certificates of admission to construction work. This happens after checking the application and documents attached to it for compliance with standards;

Development of rules and standards, taking into account applicable rules and norms.

As for ensuring the responsibility of the participants, for its implementation, all self -regulatory organizations form a compensation fund without fail. It is intended to pay compensation to citizens who have suffered in the process of professional activities of the company – members of this association. The fund is formed and replenished by the contributions of all participants. A prerequisite for obtaining admission is the creation of a fund. To join the SRO builders need to invest a lot of money and effort. In addition, serious preparation is required, and the ability to entrust a difficult task to one of the employees is often impossible. In this case, you can contact a specialist for help or still try to solve the problem yourself.

To enter and obtain admission, you must collect a complete package of documents:

Statement of the established form, certified by the seal of the company;

Letter of guarantee or power of attorney to represent interests;

Certificate with detailed information on the qualifications of specialists who are on the staff of the enterprise, drawn up according to the form and certified by the seal;

Constituent documentation (certificate of state registration, charter, memorandum of association, etc.). d.);

Warranty letter with a schedule for making payments on contributions.

This list can be expanded. It depends on the circumstances of a particular company. To obtain the approval of SRO designers, the list of documents is similar to that described above. However, there are strict criteria for personnel. Three employees must have a higher education for their position. Experience in this field must be at least 5 years. Individual entrepreneurs who carry out work independently are obliged to improve their qualifications every 5 years. And then get tested.

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