The cost of building a turnkey house

Today, more and more private developers prefer to order houses, which is called, «Full construction», motivating by this the absence of worries associated with personal participation in construction. Construction companies guarantee the transfer of a completely ready-to-use facility to the customer within the specified time and with the specified parameters. What, ultimately, is the price of such objects?

Turnkey construction: what are the prices

Objectively, the cost of construction «Full construction» depends on several groups of parameters. First, it is the design. As a rule, only the most simple and budget houses do without this stage. You can also put a square box with openings for windows and doors according to the drawing on a simple notebook sheet. However, it is unlikely that such a house will be distinguished by the comfort of living.

Design allows you to draw not only the layout of the future home, but also to think through its communications, the heating and ventilation system, choose the right type of foundation, as well as the decoration and roof of the building. Thus, if you plan to live in this house for a long time, then it would be better to purchase t. naz. «typical» project that the designer «will drive» to your needs.

However, first you need to decide from what and with what technology you will build your house. Wooden frame housing construction remains the cheapest and simplest. Finnish or Canadian houses have long ruled the roost in this area. Very warm and comfortable, they proved their suitability not only in Europe, but also in the territory of the former USSR. So, a wooden frame, you can buy for 7-9000 rubles. m. sq.

The quality of the soil on the site also imposes certain requirements. Fluffy, unstable soils require more sophisticated engineering approaches. However, not necessarily expensive. For example, pile-grillage foundations according to the TISE technology, which go into the ground to a depth of 2 m, may well be made in such conditions at minimal cost. At the same time will be very reliable. The piles have a wide sole and a reinforced beam lying on piles of 15 cm. above ground. This distance is more than enough to overcome any heaving.

A separate line in the construction of a turnkey house is the cost of finishing it. As a rule, it depends on the base material and it is in it that the builders are trying to lay a certain «gain percentage». However, a well-placed house can be finished on its own, without resorting to the services of builders.

Construction of turnkey houses: the cost of individual works

At the time of writing, brick walls remained the most expensive type of house construction. The construction of a brick box will cost the developer 16-20,000 rubles. per m. sq. Behind him are all kinds of blocks. Large and light, they allow you to build a house in the shortest possible time. Such work will cost from 12 to 15,000 m. sq.

Frame house building is economical in terms of materials and construction timing. It does not require a serious basis and allows you to save on the decoration, but in general it is more expensive than wooden houses – 8-10 000 rub. For m. sq. The frame is assembled as a constructor, but in general it requires certain efforts to seal the seams and knowledge how to properly combine individual «Puzzles» Designer.

But a wooden log house, especially from a beam or glued beam, will cost 7-9000 rubles. m. sq. Of course, it will require qualification of workers and selection of material, but a wooden house does not require additional insulation, and glued beams also of fire.

An interior decoration is underway in a separate line in the work, as a rule, it is it that eats 20-25% of the budget. After all, the concept of the house «Full construction» implies that builders give you a completely ready -made building building.

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