The most amazing stairs in the world

The business and active life of modern citizens is distinguished by the fact that it almost never gives extra time to admire unique works of art, which, by the way, also include stairs. There are quite a few truly unique and even amazing staircase designs in the world. At least a dozen such works of art can be noted for sure. Examples: Design of a spiral staircase, which is located at the Garvan Institute, which operates in Sydney, Australia. The flights of stairs cover five floors, and at the same time make six and a half turns around their own axis of the structure. The spiral staircase in one of the Vatican Museums is very popular among visitors. Everyone who attends the museum tries to photograph this unique structure, the product of the famous designer of the thirties – Yosif Momo. From a constructive point of view, the structure is something intermediate between a ramp and a staircase. Truly incredible from a design point of view, the staircase installed in the church of Santa Fe in New Mexico can be called incredible. However, an ordinary carpenter built a work of art with a mysterious structure. Thirty-three steps without supports, the absence of such fasteners as nails – this alone arouses admiration in the process of getting to know the design, the author of which is still unknown. The house of the Queen of England also has a unique design of a spiral staircase that does not have any props. In addition, the building is famous for being mysterious after the case when a figure of a man in white clothes was found in photographs of tourists. According to the tourists at the time of shooting, no one was near them. In turn, the examination of the photo confirmed the presence of the figure and completely rejected doubts about the authenticity of the picture. In one of the bookstores in the Portuguese city of Lello, a staircase of a rather interesting design was also installed. The structure looks like two ceiling structures merging together. In the city of San Francisco, there is a staircase structure that is distinguished by its length and design. This is the longest structure in the world. In addition, the structure is decorated with mosaic elements along its entire length. The authors of the staircase decoration are Eileen Barr, a ceramist from Ireland, and Colette Crutcher, an artist. The staircase is covered with a total of more than two thousand ceramic tiles and approximately seventy-five thousand glass pieces of frosted mirrors. An interesting design solution is the staircase “leading nowhere”, located in the Munich office of one of the commercial companies. The constructor of the structure is Olafur Eliasson. This is one of the modern designs born in 2004, which has no practical application. However, in terms of art, it is certainly a masterpiece. Longchamp’s New York store has a staircase that weighs over fifty tons. Not surprising when you consider that each step is made of hot-rolled steel. Again, in Australia there is a construction called the “Great Staircase”. Designed by George McRae built in 1898. Installed in the Vertigo QVB building. Jürg Conzetti and Rolf Baschofner created a peculiar bridge-staircase. The structure connects two walls of the gorge of the Traversinertobel valley (Switzerland), one of which is twenty-two meters higher than the other.

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