Tool selection for yourself

Whoever we work sooner or later, we have to repair something, patch up, hang on the wall, etc. D. In a word, to repair small or not very. And what is the main and main? Not only the size of the “disaster”, but also the tools themselves are important, tools. How to choose a working tool so that then it does not painfully hurt? First, we will understand the concepts. There is a professional tool, and there is an amateur. These two large categories differ in price and technical characteristics. A professional tool should withstand constant use for a long time. Such a tool should meet increased requirements of performance and security. It undergoes special trials and checks, the ultimate goal of which is to prevent overheating during operation.

With an amateur instrument, everything is easier. In quality, this is the same professional, but not involving long use and large loads. So, if you need a tool only to use it from time to time, then buying expensive and professional no sense, stop your choice on amateur.

Amateizer differs from a professional tool in several points. Firstly, the professional tool is not multifunctional, it is designed to perform a small number of functions. Secondly, amateur tool is cheaper than professional. Thirdly, the body of a professional tool is made of aluminum alloys. Fourthly, some manufacturers make tools from these groups of different colors.

Also, tools (professional and amateur) are divided by type of power into network and battery. Both types are imperfect. A network tool does not require constant reclaim, they can work as much as you need. But when buying an imported tool, you need to watch that it is designed for Russian networks and, in addition, such a tool cannot work where there is no electricity. Therefore, the battery tool is more convenient and safe, but it constantly needs to be recharged.

When you choose the tool, see what additional functions it can perform. This will help to facilitate your work in the future without damage to the quality of the tool. For example, a reverse that allows rotation not only clockwise, but also against. Smooth start makes it possible to gradual, smooth extension of the number of revolutions without jerks. There are several more useful functions: dust removal, current limiter, etc. D.

Before buying an instrument, you decide for which you need it, because it is better to buy a few highly specialized tools than one multifunctional. Multifunctional tools for technical and operational characteristics are worse. As experts say, there is no good universal tool yet.

Before going to the store, decide on the manufacturer’s brand. Study the official sites, see the technical characteristics of the models and choose what you need. Having arrived at the power tools, carefully study the model you like. Hold it in your hands longer – the tool should be comfortable, lie well in your hand, not be difficult.

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