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Repair is best done in a freshly acquired apartment in a new house or just built a cottage. This will greatly simplify the tasks, save time and even money. Although if there is an opportunity to buy a new apartment or house, then the best solution will be to purchase housing with a ready -made repair. Moreover, at present, many companies offer turnkey construction, taking into account the preferences and tastes of the client.

Many companies have designers who will tell various interiors options. Repair in your house can be entrusted to a hired worker, or you can do it on your own. Workers do not have a personal interest in a qualitatively done work, and in places they can, to put it mildly, cheat. And even more so everyone knows that with your own hands is always much closer and warmer. Only the owner knows what he really wants, and how it should look in the future.

Any repair is divided into capital and cosmetic.

Cosmetic repairs should be done when you just want to update the interior: to cross the wallpaper on the walls, paint the burned out batteries or return the visible whiteness of the ceiling.

Overhaul, of course, is more preferable, but at the same time the most time -consuming and costly. You should start repairs with a bathroom, namely with the replacement of pipes, risers and sewage. In addition, the repair of a bath and toilet, as a rule, refers to the most dirty work. The cost of repairing a bathroom in apartments is sometimes comparable to repairing the entire rest of the living space. The cost of replacing the toilet and baths, mixers, buying pipes – all this requires impressive costs. It is better to change pipes to metal -plastic, which meets modern quality standards. Metal pipes are corroded and gradually begin to rot, and plastic diverges. It is necessary to take care of the installation of filtering mechanisms, since water entering the houses is often not particularly clean. So that the pipes do not spoil the general view of the new bathroom, they are closed with drywall. But it is worth taking care of small doors that will help to get to the pipes in case of their leakage so that you do not have to break a new tile. If there was an old tile, or other wall covering, then it should be removed. At this time, it is necessary to install new doors, or rather a box for them. The doors themselves, like the platbands, are hung later. It is worth taking care of electricity. Put the wires in advance, outline new sockets and lamps. Then a bath, sink and toilet are installed, their performance is checked. After they have passed the test, they can be removed to safety. The walls are treated with a special solution that protects them from moisture and serves as soil. After laying the tile. At this stage, the bath takes its place so that around it it is possible to put the tile with accuracy and, if necessary, smear the sealants. When the tile is laid, you should proceed to the ceiling. You can glue it or sheathe it in different ways. From ordinary ceiling tiles to sandwich panels. The final stages in the repair of the bathroom, as in any other repairs, is the floor. It is best to put floor tiles in the bath and toilet, which will be easy to wash, serve for a long time and not absorb moisture. After that, you should start the doors hinge, fastening the platbands, installing the toilet and shells, connecting the mixer. If desired, you can wipe the joints between the tiles. In time, the repair of the bathroom takes almost the same period as repairs in living rooms. As for these very living rooms, then everything is much easier. Wallpaper, tiles, panels and other coatings from the walls, ceiling, floor are also removed. Then, wiring electricity is done in advance: sockets, switches, lamps and various backlights.

Doors and windows change at the same time. If the condition of the windows is good, but they have lost a presentable look, then you can resort to the technology of windows restoration, which will save money and return its former beauty. Walls and ceiling are plastered, then aligned. The ceiling can be made hinged. But not everyone likes such ceilings or does not suit their price. In this case, you can simply paint the ceiling. Next comes the turn of the walls. Currently, many prefer to paint them instead of wallpaper. As for the kitchen and premises with the greatest cross -country ability, then the same wall painting is most acceptable, or the decoration of ceramic tiles or plastic wall panels. When everything is done, then only the floor remains. Here we must look at your preferences and pocket. The most profitable option is a simple linoleum. It is cheap, it is easy to put, but at the same time quickly wear out. The best parquet. It is the most expensive and high -quality flooring. As an option, instead of a parquet, put a laminate. The laminate at the cost comes out as linoleum, but it lasts longer, and its texture visually resembles a parquet. Repair is troublesome and long, but its result will bring good inconsistency and comfort every day.

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