Underwater door stones

Usually, going to buy doors, no, not so … Usually, when going to save on the purchase of doors, few people think about what such savings can turn out. The main thing: here and now cheaper, and there we will somehow carefully use it, and everything will be okay. Will not, if not know what can be saved in the doorway, and what you can’t.

What swimming your door is

Since they started talking about pitfalls, you need to understand that water are different. Suspending in a more professional language, operational loads on the door in the apartment of a pensioner and a young family with two children and a favorite pet will be completely different.

In the office room and even more so, and meanwhile, the business interior is largely responsible for whether your company is trusted or not. Shurpered doors, focused tables and swinging chairs – a sign of Sharazhkina office. The new, but cheap, similar species will acquire much faster than you can imagine.

Filling the door, oh these honeycombs ..

The cheapest option is cellular filling (gafrocardonnoye, MDF honeycomb is a slightly different song). No, of course, there are still very hollow doors, but this is not an option, so we will not even consider it.

What threatens cellular filling? The fact that dents may appear in the door even from a slight, but accurate blow.

Conclusion: cellular filling can be put to pensioners who are not rushed around the house as hungry unlike children or animals. You can put them in rented housing.

Are there more durable doors with a cellular filling?

There are. With additional ribs of stiffness or, as it is usually called, amplification. Strengthening is either simple or complete. The difference in the number of bars that will fill the canvas. Does an increase in the tangible effect give? Gives, complete. The price affects significantly.

Door cover

Is it possible to save on it? My personal opinion is not, only if you are not going to rent the repair, and then hang all the dogs on the tenants. As you could guess, we are talking about laminated doors.

Without unnecessary tricks and terms, what a laminate in the door industry is a paper. The paper, in turn, absorbs everything: fat, dirt, moisture, etc. D., and t. P. If you are not careful at a level close to psychiatry, a laminated door, in any case in the area of ​​the handle, very soon it will be covered with spots that can not be reduced.

In this regard, saving the laminated door can only varnish immediately after installation. But the varnish gives a glossy effect, which is far from everyone likes. And the cost of varnish must be taken into account.

It is much more far-sighted to take a door, albeit with the same honeycomb filling, but with a CPL or PVC coating. Only in this case your doors will not be afraid of spots.

As for accessories, I do not recommend taking anything cheaper than Morelli. Naturally Morelli production of China. The original fittings of this company will cost more than a canvas with complete epaulets.

But in a good way, buy normal doors without any honeycombs and pieces of paper. A budget door of this class will not be much more expensive, but many are better than a reinforced cellular coating cellular.

Especially when it comes to a canvas with a non -standard height. If you do not want to expand the opening, then you will need to drink the canvases. Drinking a cell cloth is a perversion. And on order, such a door will not be much cheaper than that that you can file and enjoy life.

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