Unified quality requirements for different windows!

Any planned repair puts before the owner of the apartment or at home the problem of choosing materials. More relatively recently, when metal -plastic windows only appeared on the construction market, this problem was to determine the preference to traditional wooden or new metal -plastic windows.

Today, almost everyone knows about the advantages of metal -plastic or, as they are still often, but incorrectly called plastic windows or just double -glazed windows. And the problem of the choice was even more aggravated. Now it is unclear which company to give preference. Indeed, offers from different manufacturers are more than enough.

The most reasonable, of course, paying a little more, to purchase, for example, KBE double -glazed windows, knowing about their excellent quality. But in fact, regardless of the emergence of the manufacturer, the windows must meet several fundamental requirements.

First of all, they must provide good thermal insulation. In the context of our climate, this requirement acquires a special acuity. Own thermal insulation of plastic and glass in this case is not enough. The design of the profile and, accordingly, the frames should have the required number of air chambers, each of which significantly enhances the heat -insulating properties of the window as a whole.

The number of chambers of the double -glazed window is also a great influence on the heat -saving properties of the window. And here the number of air layers between glass planes plays a role here.

The correct installation of double -glazed windows is no less important. The number of seals installed by the installers, the accuracy of their location and good fit will not only help save the heat in the room, but also provide the window with good sound insulation. In addition, its quality is most directly affected by the tightness of the joints in the design of the window.

Ideally, at least at least two sealed gaskets should be by the window. They must be installed around the entire perimeter. Window fittings should provide the most tight fit of the gaskets. Depending on the area in which the house is located, it is necessary to choose the degree of sound insulation of the installed windows. In sleeping areas, it may be lower, and the neighborhood of industrial zones leads to the need to strengthen it.

Another vital factor is the ability of the window to regulate air exchange in rooms. And here, metal -plastic windows, the price of which was almost equal to the cost of traditional wooden ones, should have the opportunity to ensure the ventilation of the premises with the help of the opening transugs or windows in their design.

In addition, a pleasant and useful opportunity may be provided in the design of the windows the possibility of slit ventilation of rooms. Sometimes special supply devices are arranged between the double -glazed window and the binding. They, depending on the features of the structure, are usually mounted or cut directly into window profiles. Otherwise, high tightness of plastic windows, in the absence of effective ventilation in the apartment, can negatively affect the condition of the microclimate in the premises.

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