Wallpaper: taking into account which criteria select finishing materials

This can be explained by a number of reasons. Firstly, the alignment of the surface for subsequent pasting is not carried out as carefully as for painting. Secondly, in the retail network, the material is presented in a wide range. In order to update the interior, bring a new mood to the premises, just cross the wallpaper. There are no problems with the choice. On the one hand, the products are presented in specialized hypermarkets. On the other hand, anyone can find wallpaper in the online store inexpensively. On the pages of thematic portals are placed images of products manufactured by dozens of factories. Not all the stores familiar to us are able to compete with them in a wealth of choice. In order to prevent typical errors, looking for everything you need for repair, it is necessary to own information about both varieties of wall coatings, and about their distinctive characteristics, pluses and minuses, and gluing features.

There are a lot of wallpaper inside the specialized market. Some look for goods for the arrangement of the kitchen, the second – bedrooms, others want to buy children’s wallpaper. It is fundamentally important to accurately determine the options for choosing. In relation to the premises operated in humid mode, it is necessary to choose a finishing material that differs in water resistance. Wall coatings for the kitchen or corridor should be strong, practical, characterized by high detergents. If the gaming is subject to a room located on the sunny side, the wallpaper should be found resistant to burnout.

Type of finishing materials: what modern manufacturers offer repair organizers?

The category of the most common includes paper wallpapers. Their main advantages – Environmental friendliness, naturalness. Meanwhile, such products quickly burn out, it does not tolerate direct contact with the humid environment. Given the thickness of the sheets, such wallpapers can be: symptomed; duplex; triplex.

The more layers, the less carefully the preparation of the walls for pasting is performed. Embossing options can be better than others to hide small defects in vertical surfaces.

Vinyl wallpaper is popular. A feature of their manufacture is that a PVC layer is applied to a paper or non -woven base. The advantages of such finishing material should be considered a long -term operational resource and resistance to burnout. The sirpi -made wallpaper of this type are three types: flat; foamed; increased density.

When creating copyright interiors, textile wallpaper is involved. During their production, fabric material is applied to the paper base. The aesthetic parameters of such wallpaper impeccable. Another thing is that in relation to them is applied especially careful care.

Popular among experts and velor wallpaper. Corresponding material by glue is applied to a paper sheet. The advantages of such options are their external attractiveness and sound -absorbing criteria. Minus velor wallpaper – their rapid abrasion and the fact that they collect a lot of dust on themselves.

The main ones are given above, but not all types of wallpaper. When implementing repair projects, materials are often used for subsequent painting. In addition, when creating interiors, wallpaper with wood veneer, cork, felt, metal wallpaper are actively used.

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