We consider the cost of plastic windows

Plastic windows are an important and large purchase that is not made every day. That is why you should take a responsible approach not only to the choice of a suitable option, but also to its cost.

The total cost is affected by all the elements included in the window set. This is a profile, and a double-glazed window, and accessories. Every little thing counts, so counting can be tricky. Fortunately, plastic window calculators make it much easier.

How to use them

On the websites of firms selling plastic windows, there are similar calculators. While keeping small differences, they are quite similar. It is easy to use them, because the system offers several stages and options, and you can only make a choice and confirm it with the click of your mouse.

Working with the plastic window cost calculator is divided into several stages.

First stage. Design and dimensions. First, you are prompted to choose the planned action: fill a window opening or glaze a balcony or loggia. In the proposed form, you enter the estimated dimensions of the structure. This is the initial information on the basis of which the price will be calculated.

Second phase. Leaf characteristics. You will see the possible options for the number of doors and the way they open. As a rule, a three-leaf window is installed on wide windows, and a two-leaf window is installed on narrower windows. According to the opening mechanism, the sash can be deaf (that is, not open at all), rotary and tilt-and-turn. If you wish, it is possible to add a transom to the window design, that is, a window.

Third stage. Profile and double-glazed window. This is a responsible stage, since these elements are the most important in the window structure. You are offered a choice of various options for the profile and double -glazed window with a detailed description of each of them.

The fourth stage. Furniture. The system of necessary small parts is collected in several different versions: from standard to hidden. There is also the opportunity to choose an anti -zloma accessories relevant for owners of apartments on the first or top floor, as well as for the owners of country houses. Often, firms bring part -time accessories to their calculator separately so that you can take your calculation as much as possible.

The fifth stage. Additional decorative elements. Here you can choose a lamination, that is, a film that will cover the frames of your window if you do not want to see them in a classic white version. At the same stage, you can point out your desire to cover the glass with a tinting film if the windows of the room are directed south.

The sixth stage. Setting the window. This is a final and important stage of choice, since the installation options are discussed here by the company. You indicate the type of installation you want: with or without slopes, and also choose the type of external and internal slopes.

Count together with Window Continent

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